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Dy decor ideas for house party

DIY Decor Ideas for House Party

House parties are not difficult to arrange for if the Creative Decor ideas are there in front of you and the same can implemented with meticulousness and diligence. Parties that are not properly backed by nice decor generally falls flat and hence the need to focus and emphasize on the same. Crafting your unique pieces to add charm to the party and your personal space is worth all your time and effort.

Some DIY (Do It Yourself) Ideas to Decorate your House for a Party

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Turn your Plain Looking Glasses into Attractive Chic Looking Glassware

DIY Decoration Ideas

One way is to spray paint the bottom of each glass or cover the base and the stem with glitter, stick the glass with polka dots or even make a pattern with stripes and dots or create fancy looking drinking glasses by drilling holes in the lids of Mason jar and inserting a straw through the holes.

Adorn the Tables with Colorful Water

DIY Decor Ideas for House Party

One of the nicest ways to decorate the house without spending too much money on buying decorative from the market is to adorn the tables with colorful water prepared using food coloring. Make 7 different colored water representing a rainbow. Half-fill this water into a couple of clear transparent good-looking glasses and place dainty flowers in them. It will leave your guests super-impressed!

Make Use of the Glitter Balloons

DIY Decoration Ideas

If it’s a Birthday Party that you are organizing, make use of the glitter balloons. Blow some full circle balloons, stick glitter from the outside to make them look dazzling and great. For the other type of parties inserting switched-on LED lights in balloon lamps create a great impact.

Use Plants as Decoratives

Tables and centerpieces go a long way. Using the right decorative can help create the perfect ambience. And it does not need to be a costly affair. A great DIY idea is to use plants and then decorate with oranges, grapes, lemons, etc. to create those outstanding pieces.

Make Those Party Utensils Impressive

partyutensil copy

One can do that by using empty cans and doing them up with colorful crayons from the outside. It is simple and doesn’t cost a dime. You simply need to arrange the crayons on the exterior of the cans, tie with a colored string. It is innovative and novel and your guests will have a memorable time undoubtedly.

DIY Candles

Diy decor ideas for house party
The DIY candles are the other exceptionally inventive idea. Candles look remarkably romantic and beautiful. Using glitter golden colored tapes, glue up some pattern cut-outs and polka dots onto the candles to tone up the party.
Create some antique looking pieces like converting the look of an old flower vase into a stylish looking piece by simply draping it with jute rope and then decorating it with real or artificial flowers.

Use Old Books

DIY decor ideas for house party
Often old books just lie idle and get wasted. Why not use them to make something creative and artistic? Use same-sized books to create a DIY side table. Assemble the books one over the other, drill a hole through the center of each book and then push a handmade frame through the books to make a stand. Take a circular or square surface and use glue dowels on the underside of the surface so that the stand sticks to it converting it into an elegant table-top.

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