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Fabulous Blouse Designs for Every Bride

Traditional Indian attire of every woman is incomplete without a designer blouse for saree or a lehenga. The designs of the saree and lehenga’s blouses are crucial be it for a party wear or daily office wear. In India, women typically wear a blouse under their saree and lehenga. For sarees, there are many different blouse designs available, including designer blouse patterns. Through this piece, Venuelooks throws light on some of the elegant blouse designs that are trendy and modern in appeal. 

Women often wear a variety of distinct blouse designs, particularly at weddings, including those with deep back designs, high necklines, sleeveless or rough sleeves, and many more. Different blouse collar patterns are available which makes it stand out from crowd.

Bridal Blouse Pattern 

Planning an Event?

This saree is a bridal wear with breath-taking blouse pattern which is unique in every way. The blouse has everything you’ll adore about wearing it. It comes with elaborate golden sequin work on the sheer blouse to the sheer sleeves decorated with the same sequins. The neck is deep V shaped neck with similar design on the back of the blouse. This makes it ideal piece for the contemporary bride. 

Fashionable Fringe Blouse 

Since fringe is still fashionable, adding some to your blouse will make it up to date. The blouse look appears to be sophisticated and looks attractive. This blouse pattern is suitable for women of all ages. Brides can book this design style for their pre-wedding event, choose fringe blouse designs with a net or chiffon saree.

Frill Blouse Gaining Prominence 

The most popular design choice for 2022 is the frill blouse, which is also one of the designer blouse patterns liked by many. For an event especially wedding, a blouse neckline with frills is always the finest choice to pair with any kind of saree or lehenga. Brides choose this blouse neck style for sarees that are plain or patterned. Brides can show their style by combining it with their choice of straightforward diamond earrings. This is a completely different way to dress especially for a bride.

Puffed Sleeves

Heard of puffed sleeves for a blouse, yes you heard it right. This blouse style is referred to as the silk saree blouse designs; it is typically worn by South Indian and Bengali brides. These puffed sleeves blouse are ethnically fashionable blouse designs feature puff sleeves. They will offer you a traditional appearance, which you can wear to the wedding. The brides for the year shouldn’t avoid this innovation when it is occurring all around the world. Such kind of sleeves give traditional attire a contemporary twist. You can also add some elegance to your blouse pattern by giving an embroidered patch or some puff to the sleeve hems. You can try pairing this with a straightforward organza or a chiffon saree.

Frill Collar Blouse Everyone’s Choice 

Celebrities are increasingly wearing blouses with frill collars. This neck design is inspired by the clothing worn by the British kings and queens, who wore dresses and gowns with high frill collars. This trend has now picked up in India and seen massive growth especially for bridal wedding wear. 

Butterfly Patterned Blouse 

This butterfly saree blouse pattern is perfect for a woman who wants to look highly fashionable and unique. For daytime occasions, this butterfly blouse pattern will make you shine like a star. This can be one of the most preferred blouses with deep blouse back style to go with your preferred saree or a lehenga for the occasion.  This blouse back neck pattern features gleaming gold-silver embroidery, so you may pair it with any saree you desire.

Off-Shoulder Patterned Blouse

The style of this blouse is stunning and nicely reflects current fashion trends. To make the beauty of the blouse evident to everyone, you can combine it with a saree of the same design which can be made up of chiffon, georgette, or net. These fabrics are quite in and makes you look unique. The secret to rocking the desi traditional look at any party is this blouse pattern. You can simply try an off-the-shoulder top to draw attention at weddings or gatherings.

Collar Like Queen Victoria 

Want to dress up like queen Victoria, yes, you can. It is the blouse pattern she wore it in her vintage attire. The major characteristic of colour blouse designs is the Queen Victoria blouse pattern and has now become most preferable. It carries ruffles on the collar which makes it unique and appealing.

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