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Fun Activities On Sangeet Ceremony

The word ‘sangeet’ means music, but when it comes to describing a celebratory event during an Indian wedding it translates to music night or Musical party. It’s a celebration that can be celebrated as lavish or as toned down according to the family’s affordability. It’s usually held a day before the wedding.

Sangeet is from where the party begins among the many pre-weddings that occur before the Hindu, Punjabi and Gujrati weddings unlike religious ceremonies such as the Haldi or portions of the wedding ceremony, the sangeet is solely conducted to relish in the happiness and joy surrounding the couple.

#1 Bridal Solo Dance

bride solo

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The main highlight should be on the bride’s solo dance which not only entertains the audience but also cheer them to come up on stage and show their moves as well.

#2 Karaoke Night

Karaoke night

Ask your venue to arrange for a karaoke setup (most places have contacts to get these) so you can enjoy singing along. Then you are all set to fire up your sangeet e with Bollywood classic, oldies and item numbers.

#3 Awards Night

award night

Want to have a bit of fun – turn your sangeet into a mega awards night with awards given for all sorts of fun and crazy things. Right from ‘Resident Casanova’ to ‘Drama Queen’.

 #4 Food Trucks

food truck

DIY is completely ruling the wedding charts currently. Why not make dinner more fun by bringing in food trucks serving rolls, gol gappas and more. Desserts can be made more interesting with a DIY station for  popsicles for a hot summer day.

#5 Qawwali session

You can even bring in some classic culture without compromising on the fun. Qawwali is the best way to go. You can choose songs from Bollywood or anywhere. Keep a well-sorted tracklist beforehand so that you don’t even have to hire a DJ to play the mixes and individual tracks. Qawwali will set the mood for some serious dancing and even be singing. It will give a class to the sangeet ceremony.

#6 Paper Dance

paper dance

Spark some romantic moments between the couple and the best surprise that can be arranged is to involve the senior couples as well. This would be great to see other couples and new couple dancing together. This could be a fabulous idea to get closer to your loved one. You must include this in your sangeet ceremony to make it more appealing and also will help you to show your awesome chemistry.



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