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Book your Ticket to a Great Dandiya Night Event

Navratri is the most famous as well as an auspicious festival for Hindu devotees. The nine days and nights are dedicated and wholeheartedly devoted to the Mother Goddess. This joyous occasion is marked with various beautiful rituals, traditions, and prayers. The most popular and attractive aspect of this energetic festival is the “Dandiya”, a dance form that manifests happiness and playfulness. Though it is believed to signify the battle fought between Goddess Durga and Demon King Mahishsura, Garba also finds links with the Raas, an amorous dance form said to be practiced by Lord Krishna.

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Plan a Dandiya Night

In case you are organizing an event in this festive season, planning a Dandiya Night could be a worthy idea. To arrange an exceptional party you will need some out of the box ideas. A great party will ensure that everything is pre-planned and will lead to maximum fun during the night. If you desire to organize a scintillating and exceptional Dandiya night, you ought to take care of a few things.

Planning an Event?

We bring in a few innovative ideas to make your dandiya night the most memorable one-

Send Creative Invitations

Send out the most creative, beautiful invitations with glitters, sequins, golden or silver pens, colorful threads, flowers, and glossy paints. The best way to design the invitation is to keep it clear, theme-based and use good words. You can also create your own dandiya night e-invites to invite your distant relatives or friends conveniently.

Decide a sparkling Dress Code

Don’t miss out on mentioning about the dress code on your invitation cards. The dress code should be sparkling Garba attire, common to all the guests. Traditional attire is the best for the night. Girls should be dressed in lovely lehengas and boys in traditional salwar kameez. The guests should be given the option to bring their own dandiya sticks or you can distribute the same. The dandiya sticks can be decorated with small jingle bells or ghungroos.

dandiya6 dresses


Choose a Theme for Your Dandiya Night

Deciding upon your Navratri venue and Theme is very essential. The theme should focus on boosting and bringing in a lot of energy to the event. The event should be based on an enthusiastic theme, such that it stimulates the guests and keeps them involved in the various dynamic activities planned for the event. Don’t miss out on a huge dance area for your venue.

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Set up a Fabulous Dandiya Decor

The decoration of your venue should be in congruence with the theme of the party. If you have an open space, try to decorate the whole of it with colorful tents in different styles. Decorated candles are perfect to make the occasion even more beautiful in most sophisticated ways.

Undoubtedly, the amusing candles add an extra element of glow to the theme of your party. It certainly boosts the ambiance as well as the mood of the guests. Choose the tents, candles, flowers, lights that will add vibrancy and festivity to your event. Don’t miss out on decorating your venue with the most beautiful flower arrangements.

Further, dazzling rangolis can be prepared with the help of colored lentils, monochrome flowers or powdered glittery colors at the entrance or some other places. You can use golden and silver theme or some other fascinating themes to decorate the chairs and tabletops. This will create an elegant ambiance for your dandiya night.

Music & Entertainment at Dandiya Event

For the enthusiastic crowd – The frenzy of dance and music will set the tone for a perfect & elegant evening. Bollywood songs and folk music played by DJ on high-power speakers and woofers would make the night reverberate with melodious beats.

For a laid back guest list – A non-DJ, non-Dance get together with friends and families with ever embracing and soothing sounds of Ravi Shankar’s sitar being played as the background music could be a treat to the ears.

Book an Expert Caterer

Your dandiya fest will be incomplete without delicious Navratri dishes. Prepare a simple vegetarian menu for the guests with loads of yummy sweets. You can opt for a local caterer online that can provide you with the type of food your guests may prefer and relish for a long time or Book a well-known food stall to add brand value to your catering Menu.

Introduce some Fun-filled Activities

It is imperative to engage your guests. You can organize couple dance competitions, lucky draws or turban tying competitions to create interest among the audience. Also, renowned singing bands, celebrities, comedians or dancers can be invited to the event to make it a fun affair. Even a Garba dance competition can be organized which can be judged by some renowned personality. These activities will spice up the event while adding a tinge of traditionalism to the fest. Inviting a celebrity will surely enthrall all the guests at the party.


As there would be plenty of memorable moments to capture, do not forget to hire a professional photographer for your lovely occasion. So go ahead and have a magnificent dandiya night party and share a few wonderful pictures with us as well!

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