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Must Try Home Decor Hacks for Shaadi House

Shaadi houses in India are meant to stand out in the neighbourhood. Other than the ambience that is full of fun and gaiety, what makes these shaadi houses different is the way they are decorated and lighted up in the days preceding the wedding. There are no hard and fast rules here! You could be as innovative and creative as you wish to be when it comes to doing up your house during a wedding.

Here are a few great ways to add that element of festivity and rejoicement. These are hacks that are budget friendly, aesthetically beautiful and in perfect harmony with natural elements.

Starting with the Entry to the House, The Gate

If money and budget is not a constraint, use the space to hang strings of Indian Jasmine as a curtain. Jasmine is known for its fragrance and its ability to relax and rejuvenate our senses. For people who are running on tight budgets, using natural marigold or artificial strings of red and white flowers is enough to create that perfect ambience. As a supplement, you can burn essential oil of jasmine or rose in the background.

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The Living Room

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It can be decorated with a combination of rose flowers and candles. Again if budgets are tight, buy traditional hangings and string that are available quite cheap and use them to render an atmosphere of celebrations.

Artificial Lights

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These are so important in a shaadi house, especially when the sun is down. With different types of lights available in the market today, go out and buy as per your budget. From using handmade diyas and candles to using fairy lights, you can brighten up each and every corner of your house the ideal way.


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Decorate the staircase with lines of colourful flowers like marigold, roses, jasmine etc.


If you are lucky to have a courtyard or backyard or garden with big trees, have a Jhoola or a swing hanging from the branches of one of the trees. This can be made as colourful as possible and blended with the best of aromas and fragrances.

If the shaadi is at home then you can do up the mandap the traditional way. With the conventional thaalis, beautiful lanterns, lots of lightning and golden beads, candles, small-sized Minars and of course colourful flowers that help uplift the vibrancy and enthusiastic mood around.

Use draperies, curtains, table cloths and sofa covers that blend perfect with the environment and the mood.
In case all this sound too expensive and lots of money, then just use pretty little flowers and the age-old bulbs all over the place. Use flower pots, handmade paper hangings and old baskets and tassels to make the environment vivacious and cheerful. Use some chic and multi-coloured paper kites and hang them from trees to add more colors.

One important aspect of the Indian Shaadi is the Kaleeras, an essential adornment of for the North Indian bride. Use some of them to add to the decorations of the house.

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