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How to celebrate Founders’ Day in your Company

Every company has one or more founders who have played a major role in establishing the company. The founders are those people who saw the vision of the company and set themselves out on the mission to transform that vision into reality. These are the people that have put countless hours of toil and effort to bring the company into existence. There is a special place for the founders of a company in the heart of every member of the team.

What is Founders’ Day

To remember the glorious past, successes and achievements and to pay tribute to the founders of the company, Founders’ Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. However to make the celebrations a success, it is important to plan and organize the day’s events carefully. This is a big task and should be accomplished with collaborative efforts of all the key members of the organization.

Organizing Founders’ Day


Planning an Event?

Planning a founders’ day celebration can be quite a cumbersome task as it calls for your attention to many details. Right from inviting people to arranging various events, to successfully managing the various aspects of the event can take up much time and energy.

Following are the major steps you will need to follow while planning a successful Founders’ Day celebration.

  • Making a list of invitees will help make the invitations quick and effective and avoid confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Send email invitations to key people in advance. This will avoid the unnecessary delays caused by postal invitations. People with busy schedules find it more convenient to reschedule their work and other commitments if they receive the invitations in time.
  • Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can be very effective to make announcements regarding the event. This is a very quick and inexpensive way to spread the word. You may create a Facebook page or a discussion group to discuss about the issues regarding the event.
  • Plan every aspect of the event carefully and judiciously to avoid any confusions later on. Make a list of the events for the day such as speeches to be made, who is going to give the opening and closing speeches for the event, food and drinks to be offered, fun and entertainment activities to be carried out, etc.
  • The event should focus on emphasizing the vision of the founders, history and legacy of the company. It is also equally important to feature the important milestones and achievements as well as the future goals and missions of the company.
  • An award ceremony can also be planned to recognize the talented, effective contributors from the current employees of the company.

Engaging an event planner and using an online party planning service can greatly help in organizing a memorable Founders’ Day. These services can help you in every aspect of the event planning and make life a lot easier for the company people. They are specialized in planning such events and have the resources and connections to meet every requirement and look after every detail of the work.

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