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How to Host a Memorable Get-together?

How to Host a Memorable Get-together?

Do you believe that it takes a lot of money or a degree in culinary arts to host a great party at home? Naah! Just some pre-planning, a little creativity, and voila, a convenient, memorable Party is on!!

Check out the mini checklist we have for you to organize your upcoming gettogether!

At Least 2/3 Days Before

At Least 2/3 Days Before
1. Choose a party theme and design your invite accordingly.

Planning an Event?

2. Prepare your guest list and set the date after checking with a few key guests for their availability.
3. Send out the Invitation
4. Plan a party menu that goes with the theme and can be prepared in advance. If you have to be in the kitchen the whole time, then you are leaving your guests to fend for them.

5. Alternatively, plan a Potluck party and allow your guests to choose “what to bring” from your menu.
6. Plan separate food for kids.
7. Decide on the Décor and music to go with the theme of the party.

1 Day Before the Party

1 Day Before the Party
1. Send Email/SMS Reminders to Guests.
2. Prepare food that can be refrigerated and get your party supplies.
3. Designate an area for kids to play and stock it with storybooks, colouring books, and crayons so that they enjoy and do not run all over the house.
4. Plan a few games keeping the age group of guests in mind.
5. Get your camera ready.

On the Day of the Party

On the Day of the Party

1. Decorate the house and re-arrange the furniture to make it party-friendly.
2. Food presentation for your dinner party is just as important as the food itself.
a. When setting the table use a nice tablecloth with matching placemats, napkins and rings.
b. Use your best china to layout the meal elegantly.
c. Use pitchers/ice buckets to serve drinks.
d. Use a tall wine glass to serve breadsticks.
e. Garnish desserts with mint leaves, strawberries, powdered sugar or a twirl of chocolate sauce.
3. Play music, dim the lights and use candles to create a pleasing ambience.
4. Relax and smile. No matter how worried you are about mishaps in the kitchen or the decorations, make sure you greet all your guests as they arrive.
5. Serve each guest their first drink and then let them know how to help themselves after that.
6. One interesting way to pep up the party is to keep the event moving. Have your party progress from one part of your home to another. For example, serve appetizers and cocktails on the patio, arrange for dinner in the dining room, and have dessert in the living room.
7. Play games and click pictures.
8. Don’t spend the entire party serving your guests. You are a host, not a waiter. Arrange food as a Buffet.
9. If someone spills food or a drink, do a quick wipe up and get back to the party. You can tackle it later. As long as each guest leaves feeling pampered and cherished, you’ve been a terrific host.

1 Day After the Party

1 Day After the Party

1. Thank you your guests for joining in to make the party special.
2. Share Photos and Videos of the party with guests.

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