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7 Ideas for Indian Republic Day Celebrations

India became a Republic on 26th January 1950, and this constitutes a major occasion for joyous celebration in Indian history. It is on such special occasions that we cherish the achievements of our nation and fuel the spirit of patriotism collectively. Whether we are celebrating the occasion in a big way or small, it calls for celebration with jazz. And it cannot happen without the contribution of appropriate decorations.

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Striking Ideas to Jazz Up the Republic Day Spirit

Decorations can be done using different kinds of items like balloons, paper, flowers, dry colors or wet paints. The colour scheme for Republic Day is – green, saffron and white put together in beautiful harmonious ways.

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1. Set the Dress Code for Republic Day

As the day marks our salute to a free India with its own constitution, keeping a ‘Tricolor’ dress code will add the magical patriotic touch to the entire Republic Day Celebration.


2. Plan Food Menu for Republic Day

The tricolor theme can be incorporated even in food like having a tirangi barfi, tricolour sandwiches or a tiranga dhokla. Depending on the kind of party, you could even explore options for a fruit tart or ice cream cocktails in multi-color. A ‘baraf ka gola’ competition with the tricolour could also be a fun way to engage the audience.


3. Set the Stage for Republic Day

Since stage forms an integral part, not only should it be decorated prominently, it should also have a captivating backdrop in the tricolour theme. An abstract tricolour painting or an art decal could suffice the purpose of a backdrop for a small event. Danglers and other hanging decorations could be added to the stage to add to the attraction.


4. Do Republic Day Themed Decorations

The whole space for the event can be decorated in the tricolour theme by using tricolour stuff. This will fuel the feelings of patriotism in the entire audience. These decorations can include:

  • Tricolour ribbons, snowflakes, paper flowers and balloons.
  • Tricolour LED lights will be an eco-friendly way to light up the decorations in fashion and style.
  • Planters painted in the tricolour theme can be added to the place. This will enhance the ambience and simultaneously add fresh greenery to the environment.
  • Hand-crafted danglers, wind chimes, etc. can make an added impact to grace the occasion.


5. Play Republic Day Songs Playlist

Make sure to arrange for patriotic songs including National Anthem and ‘Vande Matram’ song. You could also add a dance performance and a solo song to grace the occasion.


7. Engage the Audience at Republic Day Celebrations

For this special day celebrations, you could make the audience put their handprints or thumb impressions to make the tricolour background of the event. You could plan some contests around the tricolour theme, like selfie contest or the tattoo contest. This will make them feel extremely happy about their minimal contribution to such a significant aspect of the event, the stage.

Enjoy the day! And at the same time reflect and put some thoughts together on how can we make our nation, India, a better, safe, healthy and promising place for all its citizens and tourists. Jai Hind!

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