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Indian weddings are full of several rituals. They are a compilation of ancient traditions, scriptures, and various functions. Religions in India have many rituals bound to weddings. Punjabi weddings are very lively & Marwari weddings are very colourful in nature.

Here are the 5 main differentiators in a Marwari & Punjabi’s Grand Wedding!

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1) Dance Styles

There is a lot of bustle before every Punjabi & a Marwari wedding. The musical celebrations make the weddings full of fun & frolic. The Punjabi’s groove on the beats with their Bhangra and Gidda moves whereas Marwaris do their classic Ghoomar steps!

2) Marriage Ceremonies

The most luring aspect of an elite Indian wedding is the ceremonies! A grand Punjabi wedding begins with the Roka ceremony which is followed by carousing like Chunni Chandana whereas a Marwari wedding begins with Sagai followed by Byah Haath, Bhaat Nyotana!
And really, without these quaint rituals, a grand wedding would be totally incomplete!

3) Cocktail Parties: YAY or NAY?

Wedding ho ya birthdays, Punjabiyo ki shaan hai Daaru! Every grand Punjabi wedding has a cocktail party whereas most of the Marwari weddings don’t have one! The cocktail parties are replaced by Sangeet Sandhya’s which are a fusion of magical elements like lots of dance performances! Are you looking for a kick-ass venue for Cocktail parties? Checkout Venuelook.com for various options!

4) Chicken Milega Kya?

Literally, the BEST thing about Grand weddings is the FOOD! Food is something that brings people together! Most of the Marwari weddings have a Mahabhog of Dal Batti & Churma, whereas Punjabi weddings are known for their Tadke wala Chicken! Which is your absolute favourite?

5) Wedding Venues

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is like an unforgetful carnival known for its splendour & grandeur! The wedding in both the religions is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and exuberance. Most of the Punjabi wedding ceremony takes place in a Gurdwara followed by the reception at a banquet/ground & Marwari ceremonies usually take place at a banquet/ground! Browse and book the best venue from Venuelook.com for a grand wedding experience.
Punjabi wedding ho ya Marwari, party toh banti hai, Haina?


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