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Outdoor Weddings – what all to consider

Outdoor weddings have their own charm, be it a beach wedding, a garden wedding, a roof top wedding or a wedding by the pool side. We’ve tried to compile a few key considerations and some must-haves for an outdoor wedding.

Preferred Location

The couple should first figure out if they would like to have their wedding on the lawns, by the pool, or on the beach. They should shortlist the venues based on their preference.

Planning an Event?

The Time of the Year

is an important factor. Planning a wedding during the monsoon season could be risky. In order to handle unpredictable weather, one has to make arrangements for umbrellas and some temporary waterproof shades where people can take shelter.

The Food Area

(Buffet and deserts) should be covered and well-shielded against rain, wind and flies.


bring about dramatic changes to the venue. Some of the things that could be tried are lanterns, lamps, candles, floating candle lights apart from the standard lights, twinkling or not.


There should be sufficient comfortable seating for everyone, especially, senior citizens.


Many outdoor venues have a strict deadline for events say, 10:00 PM. So the timeline imposed by the venue/area also has to be kept in mind before planning the event.

Must-haves for any outdoor wedding

  • Heating lamps and/or heaters: for your guests to warm their hands
  • A back-up tent: if there is no indoor facility
  • Bathroom provision: if washrooms aren’t available on-site, high-end portaloos will do the trick. They are a lot nicer than you’d think! Better than many restaurant washrooms!
  • Generator or Proper power source: Lights, DJ/music, and the caterer will all need electricity. Make sure that you have an adequate and quiet power source to source all electricity needs.
  • Get some big fans to put and keep a supply of hand fans too if the weather is hot.
  • Keep some blankets handy, if the weather is cold.
  • A doctor on the site may be someone from within family, and a first-aid kit should also be available.

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