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Party Ideas for Women Focused Events

So you are all set to throw a party that is exclusively focused on women? When you are arranging an event for women, you certainly need to be careful about your choices. Women have an eye for detail and uncanny knack to find beauty in the most mundane things. So make sure that you plan and arrange the event well and make everything appealing to your female folks. It doesn’t matter which kind of event it is, you should think about ways to make the event as dazzling and pleasing for your female guests. Following are some cool ideas just for that.

Perfume Station

Perfume making is an ancient way of spreading the message of beauty and pleasure. Most women love perfumes of various kinds. And if they can make their own unique combination of perfumes that pleases their senses the most, it can be a great way to allure and entertain the female folks. Having a perfume station can be a great idea for an event that is focused on women. You can put small labeled bottles of perfumes such as rose, lavender, patchouli, etc. Women present for the event can then mix and match those basic scents to make their own combinations in an empty bottle.

Nail art station

How about a nail art station for your beauty conscious female guests? That would certainly be something that will appeal to most women in the event. Women love to decorate their bodies and make them look beautiful. Be it their face, hair or nails, they like to take good care of them and take great pleasure in beautifying them. A nail art station equipped with all fixings such as miniature rhinestones, stickers, etc. will make it a welcome part of your female focused event. And in case the event is sponsored, nail stickers with the logo of the sponsor is a great idea too.

Planning an Event?

Flower Stand

A woman’s love for beautiful things in nature is unmatched and flowers certainly rank amongst their top favorites. One way to make your women-centered event interesting is to have a lavish flower-stand at the venue so that your guests can take away with them their favorite flowers. They can have a single flower or a mix of different flowers as per their liking. The best place to keep the flower stand or cart is right at the entrance of the event venue. This plays the double function of adding to the party decorations and as a budget gift-bag at the end of the event.

Tea Party

Tea parties are always a welcome part of any event. Why not include it into your women’s only party. Do you have pleasant memories of your childhood when fun tea parties were arranged on most occasions? Bring those past memories alive by arranging an afternoon tea party at the event. You can be as creative about the decorations of the furniture and tea-sets. Use traditional furniture or more modern ones, the aim is to accommodate all the guests and make it a fun part of the event. Using antique furniture pieces and china-clay tea pots and cups is a great idea.

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