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Rakshabandhan Party: New ideas for GenY to Party

If you are one of those cool ‘n’ happening lot of GenY who just need a reason to party, then this 29th of August you get a valid reason in form of RakshaBandhan, to throw in a party and express your love towards your siblings. Not only could it be an out of the box way of celebrating this auspicious occasion but, will also enthrall your brothers and sisters out of joy.

Usually a RakshaBandhan party is a small family gathering with limited number of guests sharing a strong mutual bonding amongst them. The guests certainly comprise of people who are young at heart and believe in living life on ‘celebrations mode’.

A Day Affair

Beginning with tying the Raakhi and ‘tilak’ the 1st half of the day stays the ideal time slot to begin with the juvenile party, wherein the always naughty brothers get a chance to show their care by taking their sisters to the party venue decorated  as per the likings of their sisters and awing them with exciting gifts. Or for the always caring sisters who have been cooking for their little brothers at home, to take them outside and feast on lavish cuisines this time.

Planning an Event?

Being a festive occasion the food is to be carefully chosen. The traditional siwaii and kachoris could be supplemented with some western cuisines and desserts. Soft drinks can include fruit juices and mocktails to keep the energy levels high amongst the guests.

A Playful Affair

Though an event involving siblings of similar age group would not require any further element to spice up the happening, there are a plenty of ways to make it more exciting.

Planning some fun games like ‘Musical Chair’, ‘Tambola‘, ‘Dumb Charades’ etc. could fill the atmosphere with a lot of ‘masti’. You can also decide a theme like – Retro, Hawaiian or Red and Black, for the invitees to make it even more fun.

Do not forget to find the best Remix available for the traditional Hindi Rakhshabandhan songs you have been hearing for generations, to give your party a further push of novelty. It will also give you a chance to display your dancing skills up on the dance floor.

Winding up in Style

A new beginning certainly needs a new way to end. So before you choose to wind up the party, you must give your brothers and sisters some large, handmade ‘Raakhi’ Greeting Cards with simple quotes coming direct from heart, stating their importance in your life. This one gesture of yours, shall certainly last in their memories until the next Rakshabandhan.

Rakshabandhan an inspirational affair

Rakshabandhan is a gesture to express ones gratitude towards our loved ones who care for us, as well as to assure them that we are always there to protect them.

Therefore it is the best day for nature lovers too to express their sense of indebtedness towards the trees, mother nature and all other factors, who silently deliver so much to the mankind, by tying a simple string of love and saying them a heartfealt ‘Thank you’.

For others who wish to give to give Raakhi a true meaning, can visit a nearby orphanage along with their siblings and build up new bonds of love with some underprivileged boys and girls who could feel on top of the world by your visit. And stay assured, they will not only give you a true reason to party but will also be the most active and worthy guests you have ever celebrated with.

Enjoy ’n’ Stay Blessed !! 🙂

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