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Trending Bridesmaid Outfits That Are Perfect For Indian Weddings

No wedding is said to be complete without the presence of a bridesmaid. Without a group of friends, no wedding is complete. To make every occasion especially the wedding enjoyable bridesmaids are a must. Therefore, even the finer points of a bridesmaid’s dress are crucial for such a fun wedding. After all, you want your photos to be flawless. Given that the season for Indian weddings is quickly approaching, we frequently receive requests for bridesmaid dress inspiration. To make your bridesmaid dress search easier, below are some of the trending bridesmaid outfit suggestions for Indian weddings.

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Lehenga for the Bridesmaid 

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The most sought-after bridesmaid attire in India is the traditional lehenga. While selecting a lehenga for the bridesmaid, you can play with a wide variety of styles and colors, that work well with Indian traditional lehenga. You can completely match it or experiment wildly with styles like that of bridal lehenga. Peplum top lehenga is quite trendy nowadays and matches well for such occasions. Other benarasi lehengas with skirt tops are also in for the bridesmaid. 

Anarkali Dress 

Anarkali as a dress for Indian Bridesmaids Dresses is the perfect option to wear if you are a bridesmaid. Wearing an Anarkali dress for the bridesmaid doesn’t only look festive, but can be used multiple times for other occasions, unlike lehengas. So, if you are looking for a sustainable option for reusing and flaunting your stunning dress then Anarkali is the perfect option. 

Desi Look in a Traditional Saree

Traditional Indian saree in a woman’s closet is timeless and also sarees in Indian weddings are a classic choice If you are going to have a typical desi wedding and want your bridesmaid’s dresses to be sarees, then have a look at these cool bunch of women rocking in traditional sarees with a blouse of choice. The saree colour can be coordinated with the bride’s dress. Some of the preferred colour options are maroon, purple, white and many more.

Sharara for the Gorgeous Bridesmaid

Shararas as bridesmaids’ dresses look royal. If you and your bridesmaid want to look regal, then you can pick and choose Sharara as your bridesmaid outfit. Wearing a sharara gives a heavy look, which makes it an appropriate bridesmaid dress for those of you who want to look all dressed and dolled up for your friends’ big day!

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Mirror Work Lehenga

We have the perfect dress for you if you’re sick of wearing the same old traditional attire. You can check out this cool and trendy chic look for the wedding. A mirror-adorned lehenga and shiny satin blouse are the perfect chic look for any bridesmaid. 

Floral Gown for a Bridesmaid 

Weary of all the Indian clothing? Look at this floral dress, which is an ideal piece for a bridesmaid or other wedding guest ensemble. Wearing a floral gown for a bridesmaid is appropriate for a wedding, reception, or even for a mehendi sangeet night. 

Before you choose the outfit, below are some tips for an ideal bridesmaid’s outfits for a memorable traditional Indian wedding 

Give the Bridesmaid the Freedom to Select the Dress of her Choice

We understand that a bride’s dress decision is crucial because it is her special day, but when selecting her dresses, bridesmaid dresses should be kept in mind. Even if the bridesmaid is the closest of friends, your fashion tastes may not match. So, you ought to give your bridesmaids the freedom to wear whatever they like as long as there is one thing, they all have in common if you don’t care much about matching attire. You can select a common colour scheme, a print or embroidery that is similar, or a bridesmaid’s outfit that is similar, like a pastel palette!

Let the Bridesmaid Choose a Colour of Choice that Gels Well with the Bride’s Dress

Choose bridesmaid dresses that go well with your bridal attire if you don’t want to give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their dress style or if you want all of them to match. So, you may choose a colour from bridal attire to serve as the inspiration for the bridesmaids’ attire!

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Keep in Mind the Budget for Bridesmaid Dress 

While deciding the attire for the bridesmaid, keep in mind the budget. It should be a decent budget as walks along with the bride. The colours can be matching to the bride’s dress keeping a budget slightly lower as she is not the bride. 


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