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Trending Use of Videos in Events

If you have never tried using videos for events, now might be a good time to start! With digital technology, videos are easier to make and easier to share than ever before. If there were photographs and videos side by side, most people would first look at the video. Statistics have shown that websites that have videos have higher search engine rankings than others!
The old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ can very well be modified for today’s digital audience to say ‘a video is worth a thousand pictures’! Whether it is on your website, Instagram account, Facebook page, or YouTube channel, it would be absolutely worth your time and energy to start using videos for marketing your events! Whether your event is an exhibition, a conference, a seminar, a presentation, a reunion or a social event, make use of videos to increase the life of your event and publicize it too. Here’s how to go about it –

Pre-event marketing –

  • Announce: Make sure the speakers and guests are aware that the event will be recorded for live broadcast or can be shared on social media etc.
  • Set the expectations: Create a preview video of the event, interviewing the event host, suggesting how to register and what to expect from the event.


During the event –

  • Before the start of the event, play small videos that ask questions specific to the topics covered in the event. This will be effective in creating anticipation for the event among attendees.
  • speaker

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  • You could also stream videos live from the event, so that people who are not able to attend can either watch it for free or for a small fee.
  • live_stream

Post-event marketing –

  • Use snippets and highlights of the event to promote the event in future. Include interviews of attendees and speakers. Show the interesting takeaways from the event. This is a great promotional tactic that will help in attracting more people to the next event.
  • A highlight video of the event, along with interviews of random speakers and attendees, should be shared on the social media pages of the event, along with the event hashtag, which will encourage attendees and speakers to share it, creating even greater exposure.
  • social_media

  • After the event, you could publish a video with the speakers answering the most asked questions of the attendees. This will lead to greater attendee satisfaction.
  • Videos from any event can be broken down into smaller ones and shared over the course of 6 months to a year as a lead-up to the next event. Previews of upcoming videos will keep people interested and actively engaged.
  • engaged

  • The live streaming of the event can be saved and archived to be used at a later date to promote the event for the next year. It can also be released as a video tutorial if the event was for a certain class or subject. This will help to augment the revenue from the event as well.

As can be seen from this list of ideas, your creativity is the limit to how far you can use videos to increase the value of your events!

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