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Trending Wedding Nail Art Ideas for Your Special Day

As the wedding day draws closer, wedding preparations reaches a feverish pace. With endless details like the guest list, venue, decor, flowers, music, catering, bridal outfits, etc. to be taken care of, there is hardly any time left for the bride to be to focus on her nails. With so many things waiting for her attention to be ticked off on her to-do list, beautiful details like nail care or nail art take a back seat. Just like hair and skin, the bride also needs to take care of her nails as she will be attracting a lot of attention on her special day. There will be close up shots and unpolished talons that will mar her beauty.

Here, we bring you some well-curated and trendy wedding nail art ideas that will add to your beauty on your D-Day.

Nudes versus Hues

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Depending on your choice and the color of the dress you have chosen for your wedding day, you can choose between nudes and bolder hues. If you are going for a lovely pastel shade attire, pair it with equally pretty pastel-colored nail color like nude, pink, white, or matte gold. If you love vibrant colors, the options are endless. Go for bolder, brighter shades like maroon, red, or purple. 

Creative Designs

There is no dearth of attractive and highly creative wedding nail designs. Many brides to be love donning French nails wherein they go for a modern revamp and get classic-looking French tips. A stylish silver top replaces the standard white with pink undercoat imparting a stunning look. When captured in pictures, it looks simply divine.

Classic Nails

Classic French manicures look elegant and timeless. Choose nudes, soft pink, peach undercoat and pair it with classy decorative details. It looks lovely with contrasting stark white tip.

Minimal Look

If you like things simple and subtle, go for a minimal look. It will always look timeless and classy to the core. If you would like to add a little something to your simple but well-manicured nails, add a few diamontes, swirls, or flowers placed strategically on the nail tip.

Ivory Nails

Many brides love a traditional look. If you are one of those, you can choose ivory wedding mails which is a perfect contemporary look. Apply a base coat of sophisticated ivory color with a hint of gold glitter for some bling.

Red Colored Nails

Color red has been a quintessential favorite among brides. Go for a quirky red heart design on a nude base and get the perfect balance of modern and traditional look. It will also look gorgeous in the pictures and reflect your bold personality.

Wedding Acrylic Nails

If your nails are delicate and short, you can add length and strength to them by going with acrylic nails. You can also be a little more experimental and go for quirky shapes like almond, square, rounded, or oval-shaped nails.

Blue Nails

If you are one bold babe, you can go for shocking chic in diverse shades of blue. You can either go for a softer look or go for a bold navy depending on your choice.


These wedding nail art ideas are sure to add more zing and oomph to your overall bridal look on your special day!


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