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Wedding Cakes That Are Overflowing With Sweetness

Cutting a decadent wedding cake never goes out of style, in fact, the trend has gained more popularity with time. Couples are increasingly looking for unique and ultimate cake options that are beyond classic. Here, we bring you some of the best wedding cake options that are sure to inspire you. Have a browse.

Cake Pops

If you are looking for individual cakes instead of a huge, tiered cake, a cake pop is a good option. These are dipped in delectable frosting and are decorated with amazing and eclectic icing choices. These days, wedding cake bakers use candy coating, butterscotch, chocolate chips, and more to make their cake sweeter and more delectable. It can also be presented and served as a lollipop or mini cakes. This way, there is no hassle of cutting the cake and getting things messy. You can get these cake pops in diverse textures, flavors, and colors.

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Burfi Tower

You can also go along with a blend of cake with a popular Indian sweet, Burfis. Burfi Tower is an excellent option that is sure to leave your guests licking fingers. You can also use any other popular Indian sweet like ladoos, milk cakes, Kaju katli and create a lip-smacking tower. Add a twist by adding anjeer or carrot.

Cupcake Tower

If you wish to add some fun element to this cake cutting ceremony, go for a cupcake tower instead of a towering tiered-cake. There are ample flavors available in cupcakes and you can further make it mouth-watering by using diverse toppings so that everyone has a flavor of choice to enjoy. While going for a cupcake tower, you can cater to unique guest requirements like sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and similar healthier options. If you would still like to enjoy cutting a traditional cake, you can keep it on the top of the tower.

Hues and colors of sweet macaroons

Macaroons seem to melt in the mouth leaving awesome sweetness to savor for a long time. Choose macaroons in diverse flavors and colors and create a tower. If you have chosen a wedding color theme, you can have macaroons in theme color and ensure that it complements with wedding décor. Create an eye-catchy display and ensure that guests are attracted to the bright hues welcoming them.

Brownie Stack

Brownies are an all-time favorite and people love nibbling on this sweet and delectable option. Create a stack of brownies in amazing flavors or go for assorted choices. Make it tastier and presentable by topping it with edible flowers, strawberry or cherry pieces, nuts, biscuits, etc. Chocolate juliennes or melted chocolate drippings can also be added to make it tastier than ever.

Ice-cream Cake

If planning a summer wedding, choosing an ice-cream cake is a great idea. Loved by everyone, nothing can be better than an ice cream cake in amazing flavors. This scrumptious dessert is sure to make your mouth water with its sweet taste. Ensure that the cake sits out beautifully for a couple of hours so that more and more guests can enjoy this amazing treat.

So, instead of going with traditional cakes, do check out these tasteful alternatives that are sure to make your guests happy!

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