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What should every Event Manager learn from “BAND BAAJA BAARAAT”?

We all enjoy movies to make our time pass agreeably. But, sometimes big screen teach us something meaningful. Well, Bollywood is a treasure trove of useful information. One such jewel in this trove is ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. Band Baaja Baaraat is a movie that every event manager must watch. The movie is romantic, hilarious, enjoyable and inspiring in its own way.

Here are few significant lessons that every event manager must learn from Shruti Kakkar (Anushka Sharma) and Bittoo Sharma (Ranveer Singh) –


“Let’s become prince of smaller budget weddings… and then become King and Queen of the farmhouses.”- Bittoo Sharma
LESSONDream big and then start taking small steps towards it. Things are bound to go wrong in the first few events. It is better to learn from your mistakes first, establish your business and then, when you feel you are ready for the big event, just shoot for your big dream.

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In the movie, Shruti Kakkar is ambitious, confident and well-balanced while Bittoo is very spontaneous. Yet when they come together, they prove to be a good team. They divide their work, listen to each other’s ideas, share their profits, and most importantly enjoy what they do. Their team is the USP of ‘Shaadi Mubarak’.
LESSON You cannot do and manage every single work on your own. You must-have a reliable, laborious and enthusiastic team to make business success. As a team leader, you must respect your team, guide your team, distribute work among your team such that they enjoy their task, and instill a positive energy. Make your work place a happy and healthy space.


In a scene in the film, Bittoo tries stealing electricity to save money but Shruti strictly tells him “no cheating in Shaadi Mubarak’. She tells him that this is not the foundation on which they will lay down their business.
LESSON A start-up will face financial problems but being dishonest and immoral is not the solution. Small budget events are hard to make attractive. Look around and you will definitely find a solution to your problems. Try hiring new and efficient people to organize the event within budget. But do not cheat your customers. More they trust you, more you earn respect and fame.


Shaadi Mubarak gets its first big client by using the information about the latter. Bittoo speaks about the customer so confidently that there is no possibility of saying no.
LESSONAnything that make the customer think, inspire and even laugh will make him remember you at the time he takes the decision. If you will know your customer and his expectation, then only he will believe that you can fulfill his requirements. So some research about your customer before approaching him proves to be a good method to impress the client.


Remember when Shruti says that guests enjoy food the most? In all the weddings they planned; music, food and décor played a major role. In fact, the DJ, caterer, decorator were like partners to Shaadi Mubarak. These partners are the ones who supported them during their bad time also.
LESSONDelicious food, groovy music and splendid décor can make the event an unforgettable one for the guests. Any event with these three elements in it is a definite success. It is good if you use the same team of vendors for every event. It will make you comfortable with them. They will also understand the style of your working and it will make planning an easy task for you.


Shaadi Mubarak wins its biggest contract because of its old customer. Preeti, whose marriage it was, saw their work in a friend’s wedding and wanted only them to plan her wedding. They earned this reputation because they took care of their customers and gave 100% dedication to one customer at a time.
LESSON All of your customers are partners in your mission. One customer well taken care of is more valuable than spending millions on advertising. It is not wise to compromise customer’s trust. A satisfied customer might tell few people but an unsatisfied customer will definitely tell every other person about the bad service. A person builds his own reputation. Remember, if client’s wedding is a hit, your business will be super hit.


Weddings arranged by Shaadi Mubarak are all based on new and innovative ideas. They took away a client from Mrs. Chanda (their arch-enemy) by showing their creative and imaginative themes.
LESSONAlways try something new in every event. Take out some time to experiment with the themes to make the event interesting. Your competitors will also plan events but it will be your creativity that will distinguish you from them. Customers always welcome new and unique ideas.


In a scene in the movie, client asks Bittoo and Shruti, why he should give a chance to new-comers. Bittoo answers him very cleverly by telling the story of a young man who wanted to make a tyre and when that man approached his father for the investment, his father trusted him by giving money to him. Now, that young man is a “Tyre King” and also, the client of Shaadi Mubarak. Obviously, Shruti and Bittoo with their confidence got this contract.
LESSONIt doesn’t matter if you are new to this business or have less experience than others. If you have the right attitude and confidence, you can win the world. Experience tells you what to do but confidence will allow you to do it. Be confident.


Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to dance in the last wedding of Band Baaja Baaraat but due to fracture in his hands, his performance was cancelled at the last moment. But the duo, instead of panicking, team up and gave an original Bittoo-Shruti-level rocking performance.
LESSON You should always be prepared with last minute changes. Do not panic while dealing with the trouble. Make sure you check every arrangement once again before the commencement of the main event.


“We will put our lives in making your wedding day the happiest day of your life.”- Shruti and Bittoo.
LESSONEvery event has some significance in the client’s life, especially weddings. The big day of their life is now in your hands. Make it the most wonderful day with indelible sweet memories.

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