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10 Exciting Gift Ideas For Friendship Day

We are all blessed with friends! These friends are the ones who know us inside out and always stand by our side. And none of these friends are the same – some of them are the bookish ones, the emotional kind, the BFF category, the funny one, the adventure-lover, and the list is goes on.. They complete our life in a true sense by supporting and encouraging us and also accepting us for who we are. One of the best parts is that we can be completely ourselves in front of them. Since each one is different, they all deserve a unique friendship day gift.

In India, we celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. Hence, it is just round the corner on 2nd Aug 2020 and it is time to plan Friendship Day Gifts for our friends.

Appreciating our friends’ presence in our life, here are some special gifting ideas that we have curated for every friend in our and your circle. Take your picks!

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1. Mug Set For Friendship Day 

Mug Set For Friendship Day 
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There is always a friend in our friend list who needs coffee or tea as an energy booster, through the day or to start their day. No doubt there are millions of options available in the market nowadays. Get this top-notch custom coffee mug set to wish your friend(s) a very happy Friendship Day, this year. Let them realize how important they are in your life, every time they take a sip of their favourite drink.

2. Teddy Bear For Friendship Day 

 Teddy Bear For Friendship Day
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A friend is a company you can take to coffee even in the middle of the night; a friend is a shoulder you can cry upon when the heart desires; and a friend is a family from another mother! Take Friendship Day as the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate your friends for all the special roles they’ve played in your life. How about a nice and huggable teddy bear or some other soft toy? You can select from an endless variety of high-quality Friendship Day teddy bears available in various colours and size options online or can even buy one from a nearby store.

3. Accessories For Friendship Day 

 Accessory For Friendship Day
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This Friendship Day, show adoration to your forever friends with some unique jewellery. For all your fashionable girl friends, there are many trendy accessories like bands, rings and necklaces. These elegant accessories can be a special gift for your friend(s) this year. This is an ultimate friendship bracelet book, with super-clear directions for designs ranging from simple to simply amazing. This book has ten different colours of floss, plus some beads and supplies to make at least one bracelet for each of your friends.

4. Perfume For Friendship Day 

 Perfume For Friendship Day
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Believe us or not perfume or cologne is one of the best presents for your friends and is a great gift for someone who holds a special place in your life. A good quality perfume with an amazing and pleasant fragrance is always a great gift and can be given on any occasion.

5. Yellow Flowers For Friendship Day 

 Yellow Flowers For Friendship Day
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Bouquets of aromatic yellow coloured flowers like roses, gerberas, orchids and lilies are another perfect gift idea for friends. Just like how flowers make a garden lively, same friends make our lives more vibrant and colourful. For your one in a million friend, these yellow flowers will be surprising as well as a fresh, cheerful gift for your dearest friend.

6. Chocolate Hamper For Friendship Day 

 Chocolate Hamper For Friendship Day
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There is no doubt in saying that chocolates work for everyone. You all must have got a friend who always loves to have chocolates. This Friendship Day, pamper your dear friend who has always spread laughter in your life with a mouthwatering gift for a best friend with sweet tooth.

7. Friendship Day Card For Friend(s)

 Friendship Day Card For Friendship Day
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It’s friendship day! The perfect day to reach out to all your friends with warm and cute friendship day wishes with cards. Sometimes it’s not just about buying expensive gifts. Some gifts are like warm wishes that show your care and love towards your friend(s). 

8. Memory Book As Friendship Day Gift

 Memory Book For Friendship Day
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Every friendship is filled with loads of memories that you get the opportunity to cherish on friendship day. If your friend is a lover of keepsakes, then Photo Book album is the best Friendship Day Gift for him/her. It will certainly surprise your buddy in a great manner and take them down the memory lane to rejoice all the sweet moments all of you friends spent together.

9. Cushions For Friendship Day 

Cushions For Friendship Day 
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It is not very difficult to find a friend in your circle who loves to stretch the sleeping hours, almost every day. They are the ones who don’t really want to get off their cosy, comfy sofas to go out, especially on weekends. These friends will definitely love cute looking, personalized cushions as Friendship Day gifts. 

10. T-Shirts For Friendship Day 

 T-Shirts For Friendship Day 
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Your gang is unbreakable and we know that. You and your buddies are one. Each of you makes it a point to stick together through thick and thin. So, this is the right time to wish your friends and gift them these amazing matching t-shirts.

We hope you could relate and find some of your quirky friends and their gifts on our list. Wish you and your Friends A Very Happy Friendship Day!!

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