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Wedding Invitation Words: A Guide to Write your Own!

Inviting guests to an event is too mainstream. But the way we invite them creates a different level of curiosity & attraction towards the event. Now, if you are ready, it’s time to pay some attention to crafting your wedding invitation card. You can get many design options from a wedding card designer, but the wordings of the invitation card depend solely on the host’s personal style.

You may go for classic orthodox words, or you may be a little experimental. It is totally up to you. Whatever your choice is, there are some protocols to keep in mind.

Wedding invitations are generally formal in tone and follow traditional etiquette. There are some simple and straight forward guidelines to apply to certain important elements in the wedding invitation.

Planning an Event?

What to say? How to express it? All this calls for creativity.
Here’s a quick guide that will help you design your dream invitation card in less time!

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Lines from the Hosts

The flow will start with the lines from the hosts. Usually, it is the bride’s parents who host the wedding. So, the approach of them is most important. You have to write the names of the hosts at the top. There might be exceptional cases also. In the case of a deceased parent, write the alive host’s name first, followed by the name of the deceased. Don’t forget to add late before the name of the parent who has left for heavenly abode. If both parties are hosting the celebrations together, then add the names of both groom’s and bride’s parents to the invitation.

Ask the Guests to Attend the Wedding | Request the guests to attend

A wedding is a traditional and religious ceremony. So, the words need a formal expression. Say “… request the delight of your company” Or word it like “… want to have your gracious presence”. While selecting the diction, keep one thing in mind. Your speech needs to reflect your urge to invite the guests respectfully, lovingly.

If you want a modern version then consider using words like “join us to celebrate …”

Introduction of the Bride and Groom | Names of the new Couple

Once you are done with the request, move on to introduce the souls to solemnize. Here the bride’s name comes before the groom’s name. In case you are marrying in the same gender, then have the names in alphabetical order. If anyone has any title like Dr., one can mention that too.

Wedding Venue and Location

The invitation should also need to express where you are inviting your guests – the place of the solemnization. Tradition demands a full address with postal code on your wedding invitation. It should be followed by a proper landmark so that the invitees find it easy to reach and welcomed. We can mention the venue and the city, and share the GPS co-ordinates with the guests. This will help them reach the exact location using Google Map without any hassle.

Wedding Date and Time

Etiquette says, not to use numerals while writing date and time. Use a little creativity to add the same. Your format can be like the ‘Fifteenth day of July, Two Thousand and Twenty.’ You might refer to other country styles as well. In case you are getting married abroad, you are likely to use that particular style. While adding time, avoid writing ‘Am’ or ‘Pm’ and go for ‘o’ clock. This will add some sprinkles on your wedding invitation. 

Details of the Reception

Your guests ought to have the details about the wedding reception as well. Whether the reception is just after the marriage or not? This will help the guests to schedule themselves accordingly. Is it a hi-tea or cocktail party followed by dinner? Let your guests have proper information about the timings of various ceremonies they are invited to.

RSVP Details

There is a need to add details such as when and how a guest can revert back with confirmation to attend or decline. The provision of some contact names along with numbers to reach out to will be good. You can add RSVP details in the wedding card itself. You can also go for a separate card to convey contact details for RSVP. You might ask the guests to respond at-least two weeks before the occasion to get an idea about expected number of guests.

Wedding Invitation Sample

Here’s a formally written wedding invitation copy for you:

Feel free to craft your own

While crafting the invitation card, the sole purpose is to gather all your near and dear ones as you start a new journey of love and partnership. So, don’t hesitate to break the predefined traditional layout & craft it in your own way.

Final Words

One can choose to skip specific steps as there are no hard and fast rules while designing a wedding invitation. One is free to write their wedding card wordings as per their style. But an auspicious occasion like a wedding demands some etiquette. So, try to use a diction that motivates your guests to attend the wedding.

What are you waiting for? Design a perfect invitation card that expresses your wedding style and theme.

We hope this crisp invitation wording guide helped you.

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