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10 Winter Skin Care Tips for New Brides and Grooms

Winters are just around the corner and the wedding season is in its full swing. Soon to be brides and grooms getting married this year have already started their beauty and diet regimen to ensure sporting a flawless complexion on their special day. If you have not yet started on your skincare regimen, here we bring you a few important tips that will make your skin glow.

Keep your skin hydrated

As we all know that frosty and harsh winters are tough on the skin. As such, it is imperative to keep your skin well-hydrated even if you do not wish to drink enough water in this season. Drinking 6-7 glasses of straight, simple water without anything added to it must be a part of your daily routine to flush out toxins from your system.

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Buy a Humidifier

If possible, invest in a good quality humidifier that keeps your skin hydrated. This device helps to add moisture to the already dry winter air. 

Use Sunscreen

Many people avoid using sunscreen during winters and this results in leaving your skin damaged. Even if the weather is cloudy, it cannot save your skin against harmful UV rays thus it is recommended to lather sunscreen daily and every time you step out in the sun. 

Shower for a lesser time

Standing below the steamy shower seems to help feel the warmth of water deep inside the body. Even though you love enjoying this sensation, it is important to cut back your shower time and enjoy a lukewarm shower. 

Lower the Thermostat

Keep your thermostat at a comfortable setting. Keeping your room too heated may result in making room air even drier. 

Eat Healthily

It is very important to be mindful of what you eat. Spicy and overly oily foods can result in a bad bout of acne and pimples and you would not want this to happen right before your wedding. Try eating more and more fruits and green leafy vegetables, rather than going for oily or fast foods add vegetable salads or fruit salads to your diet. Replace your soft drinks with fresh vegetables or fruit juices that will also help your skin to glow. 

Apply Gentle Cleansers

Clean your face using a fragrance-free and gentle on the skin cleansers that pulls out dirt and grime from your skin pores while leaving your skin gentle and clean. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

In winters, we tend to wear heavy woollens but if you have extremely sensitive skin, avoid letting wool and other heavy fabrics coming in direct contact with your skin. It can leave your skin red, itchy, and irritating. 

Exercise Regularly

Don’t let winter blues confine you in your comfort space. Go out, walk, run, or gym to ensure your body gets regular exercise. Physical activity releases good hormones in the body that seems to do wonders to your skin leaving it shiny and glowing.

Use astringents sparingly

If you are following CTM regimen regularly, it is good for your skin, but go easy on astringents as it contains alcohol and alcohol leaves skin dry. Thus, you need to make little changes in your cleanse, tone and moisturize routine. Stop using products that have fragrances or alcohol. Rather, use creamy moisturizers in the morning and night. 

Following these tips will help you look at a stunning-looking bride and dashing groom on your D-Day.

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