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14 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker!

You’ve been proposed to, you said yes. Your outfits are ready; the invitations have been sent out, the songs have been chosen, the caterers have been informed and there is too much excitement in the air to contain. But just one element is missing to complete the night: the wedding cake! A wedding cake is just as essential as anything else to make the night a success. You want everything to be simply perfect including the cake, to make this happen the baker you choose should be someone who’s experienced and knows what they are doing. However, how do you know if the baker you’re going for is ‘the one.’ 

Don’t worry about it though, here are some crucial questions to ask your wedding baker to make sure that they are the best person for this incredibly important job!

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1. What Is Your Culinary Background?

Doing a quick background check on your baker may not be a bad idea. You would definitely want a professional working on your dream wedding cake. Ask them about their culinary background and make sure you ask to see their license. Going for someone who is well in demand is always a good idea. 

2. How Long Have You Been In The Business?

Asking your baker this question will give you an idea about how experienced they are. Another good question to add with this would be to ask how many wedding cakes they make in a year. Longer the amount of time they have worked, better the experience.

3. Are You Available On My Wedding Function Dates?

Bakers that are in demand are usually booked a year in advance, so it is better to make sure they are free and can devote ample amount of time to prepare your perfect cake. Place the order well in advance, and you’re good to go! 

4. Can I Take A Look At Your Portfolio?

A good baker always has a portfolio displaying their best work. It is a wonderful way to look at their designs and style and to decide if they are ‘the one’ for you and if they would be able to pull of what you have in mind for your wedding cake. 

5. How Are Your Cakes Priced?

Usually, wedding cakes are priced per person or per slice. So, the price will depend on the number of guests sat at the wedding. Cakes with simple designs cost less as compared to the ones with flowers, intricate piping, or exotic flavours. The price also depends on how labour intensive your cake is, and the material needed to bake it. Hence a simple cake with seasonal flavours will be most affordable. 

6. What Is Your Specialty?

It is well-advised to go for the flavours and designs that the baker specializes in, as those will be their best products and well put together. Ask for a menu of the flavours and fillings that are available before going in for the tasting to make sure this is the baker you would like to go with. 

7. Can You Create A Custom Wedding Cake?

If you’re someone who likes thing their way and would want to get creative, it is best to go with someone who can actually create the wedding cake you’ve always dreamed of. Many bakers are good at creating replicas of the designs and flavours provided and described by you. This might cost a little extra, but hey, it is your wedding after all!

8. Are Your Cakes Made Entirely From A Scratch?

To make sure that your cake tastes just as amazing as it looks it is important that it is made from and scratch and the least amount of store-bought ingredients are used. Sometimes store-bought ingredients are used by bakers to save time, but it will be better if you ask this question, so that the cake delivered to you is worth it!

9. What Is A Suitable Time For A Tasting?

All bakes offer tastings, it is an effective way to be sure of the flavour and filling you have chosen or to try out different ones that you might not be very sure about. Many bakers also offer mass tastings for a larger group of people, so you can take your family and friends to help you choose the perfect wedding cake!

10. Which Type Of Frosting Do You Specialize In?

Not all bakers work with both buttercream and fondant, so it is best to be well informed so that you can have your favourite frosting on your cake. the frosting to be chosen also depends on which season the wedding takes place in, as buttercream and whipped cream melt faster. Who knew frosting would be this important!

11. Contract Essentials

Once everything has been finalized, it is time to make it official! The contract should mention all the cost per person and details of the cake as well as the deposit to be given beforehand (usually 50% deposit). It should also mention the delivery time and directions to the location it is being delivered to. 

12. What Delivery Services Do You Offer?

The deliver fee and setup cost of the cake depends on how far the venue is and the size of the cake. The baker and staff will assemble the cake at the venue and might also decorate the cake as well as the cake table on the spot. Make sure you work out all the details well in advance.

13. Are There Any Miscellaneous Charges?

Sometimes there are additional charges that are not mentioned in advance, like delivery charges per km or cake cutting charges and you might not be prepared for this. Make sure you ask about these charges and get the best price. 

14.What Items Are Included In The Delivery?

A matching cake stand and a knife set to cut the cake would be perfect! Most bakers provide these with the cake, but there is no harm in double-checking. If these items are not provided, there is always an option of renting. You can ask your baker if you can rent these items from them instead of coordinating with another vendor. 

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