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15 Fun Things To Do On Valentines Day 2024

Valentine’s day celebrations are popular among all couples – new and old. Whether you have been together for a few months or a few years, valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to make your loved one feel special. Planning the perfect date can be stressful no matter how long you have been together, from a young love to being married forever. Even if you are single or are just looking for something fun to do with your friends on V-Day, we have the perfect list of out of the box activities that can be enjoyed with your partner or your friends!

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1. Bonfire on Valentine’s Day

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Plan a night out by the fire, play some music, grab your favourite food, and have a blast. You can dance, cuddle, or roast veggies, meat with the person you love!

2. Take a Dance Class on Valentine’s Day

If you and your partner like dancing, you can take salsa or Zumba class together. Teasing each other with your moves or laughing at each other always makes the time spent together special!

3. Attend a Cooking Class on Valentine’s Day

If you and your partner love cooking, taking a cooking class together can be a wonderful idea. It will not only be a bonding activity, but you will also learn something new. Moreover, food makes everything better. If not a class, cook something together!

4. Go To A Haunted House on Valentine’s Day

If you’re up for something thrilling and exciting or would like to relive your Halloween night, go to the local haunted house with your friends to spice up the night. You can also go to your favourite restaurant after. 

5. Go Ice Skating on Valentine’s Day

If you love rom-coms, valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to live out your dream and go ice skating with your significant other. Once you’ve had enough of the ice, you can go out for some hard-earned warm drinks. Cheers!

6. A Trip To The Ice-Cream Or Candy Store on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is all about sweetness, why not make it literal too! Visit your favourite ice-cream or candy story, pick out new flavours for each other and try them all!

7. Go To A Bookstore on Valentine’s Day

Are you and your partner hardcore bookworms?! Go to your favourite bookstore and pick out books for each other to read and take turns reading your favourite parts from the books you picked out for each other later. 

8. Go For A Concert on Valentine’s Day

Make valentine’s day playlists for each other and then attend a concert by your favourite artist. In case you can’t attend a concert, just stream one online with your favourite snacks and drinks!

9. Have A Relaxing Spa Day on Valentine’s Day

Book couples’ massages at your favourite spa and focus on each other. Some spas also have hot tubs and indoor pools. If that is out of the budget, fill the bathtub at home up, put in some essential oils and enjoy a warm couple’s bath and give each other relaxing massages. 

10. Plan A Mini Getaway on Valentine’s Day

Plan in advance and book a small mini-vacation at your favourite destination at a small intimate place and have the time of your life!

 11. Volunteer Or Give To Charity on Valentine’s Day

It is said that focusing on others has a positive effect on your relationship. So, volunteer at your local NGO, or donate clothes to charity. Making others happy will make you happy too!

 12. Plan A Movie Marathon on Valentine’s Day

If you and your partner are not big on valentine’s day, you can always get cosy on the couch, order pizza and watch your favourite movies on repeat. 

13. Recreate Your Favourite Date on Valentine’s Day

If you have been together for a long time, and you have that one date you and your significant other can’t stop remembering, take a trip down memory lane by recreating that date, whether it’s the one you met on for the first time or the one when you fell in love. 

14. Go To The Amusement Park on Valentine’s Day

If you are the adventurous couple and love outdoor activities, going to the amusement park is an amazing date idea, and you can get cotton candy and other snacks after you’re done with the rides!

15. Go Sunset Or Sunrise Watching on Valentine’s Day

Grab some blankets, pillows, and champagne, go to a scenic destination and watch the sunrise or sunset. This will be an intimate date; you can talk for hours and celebrate your relationship. 

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