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How to Pop the Question? Here are the 7 Best Ways to do it!

It is the best feeling for a girl to be proposed in a very innovative way. Since the question is already pondering in your head, it now depends on how you pop the most important question of your life. You definitely wouldn’t want to ruin the special moment!! Let me help you with some of the best ways to do it and make the moment unforgettable.

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1. Involve Her Family and Friends (or yours)

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If the girl is close to her family then call her family and friends for lunch or dinner. Arrange the alphabets of ‘will you marry me’ scripted beautifully in hardboards (Use cursive writing script). When the lady walks in, tell everyone to go down on their knees while holding the letters in the correct order. You, on the other hand should come from behind with the ring and pop the question. Make her feel special, and you should know that this day will travel through all the ears of the family for years.

2. For an Avid Reader Girl

Girls like to read novels and at times they believe that books are their best friend. If she is this kind of a personality then trust me, a letter with all your heartfelt emotions in it will be the best option. Write her a detailed love letter, do not email her but send it via post. Work out the details to ensure that you are there with her when she receives the letter. When she is all surprised with the gesture by you, and is through reading the letter, take out the ring and pop the question.

3. For a Movie Lover Girl

Movies fascinate women. Pick out a proposal scene from one of her favourite movies and enact it. A bit of alteration is acceptable but make sure that you stick to the basic scene with a few dialogues from the movie followed by a few original ones from you.

4. For a Drama Lover Girl

Some girls just love drama, and if you have the one drama lover in your life, then I have the best one for you. Park your car outside her house at night. Make sure that your car’s speakers are loud and good. Play the best romantic tracks (her favourites) in full volume. When she comes out you should be already on your knees with the ring in your hand. The volume might alarm the neighbours, but I am sure you would have given everyone around a moment.

5. For an Adventurous Girl

Some girls like adventure. Most of them don’t, but some definitely do. If she is an adventure buff, arrange for something with clues. Put some clues at her home/office/class leading to the nearby places she loves, and at the journey should end at you.

6. For a Girl who believes in capturing Moments

One of the most important things is that 99.99% of the girls believe in capturing the moments through photographs. Make one scrapbook consisting of your memories with her from the day you met. Write some details about some of your special days together like Valentines day or her birthday. Put a note inside the scrapbook which says, “look behind baby!”. When she looks behind, you should be on your knees with the most beautiful ring in your hand. I assure you that this story will be remembered for years in the family. Capture this moment and add it to the scrapbook too.

7. Announce to the World and Her

We guys love it when we can show it to the world of how much we are in love. If you’d actually want to do this, then ask a sky-writer to write the words for you. The entire world would see it and undoubtedly, it is one of the most romantic ways to pop the question to your beloved.

Now that I have given you a few cute tips on how to impress a girl while popping the question, please go ahead and pop the question. If she says yes, then you both have a new task of seeking the perfect engagement venue for you two. All the best!!

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