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Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Birthday party decorations, if done properly, can easily make your birthday bash an instant hit. Decorations, well done, enhance the tone and the atmosphere of your birthday venue, be it indoors or outdoors. It does not matter where you decide to host your birthday party; throwing in some innovative decorations will always spice up the party environment in ways that you never thought possible.

Most people put in a lot of time in planning their own or their kids’ birthday parties. However, many people still miss out on a very critical element of the party, the decorations! Some people also make the mistake of overdoing the decorations, which often backfires. For example, quite a number of people choose to go with a lot of balloons for their birthday party as a decorative and end up having too many balloons around. Not only do the balloons keep bursting at the touch of a tip but they also hinder the mobility in the party.

Using the decoratives and the decoration judiciously as well as creatively is very important as it can instantly affect the success of your birthday party. Before starting off, take sometime to think over all the available options at hand, to draft your very own decoration style (theme, color combinations, etc.) for the party at hand. The birthday kid/adult’s taste and preferences should also be kept in mind.

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Use Piñatas


Pinatas are a great party decorative that can spice up any party. Usually piñatas are stuffed with candy and other treats for children but you can use piñatas for even adult birthday parties by having them stuffed with interesting adult trinkets. It will also be a fun game to play as you choose people and have them have a go at the piñata with a blindfold on.

Use Candles and dim lights


A lot of people ignore the use of candles in helping out with the decorations. Candles are a great decorative item that can be used innovatively in many different ways. If you have children at your party or are decorating for kids parties then it is not such a good idea as they can easily get toppled over by the kids. For an adult birthday party, candles dramatically enhance the atmosphere of the party. Dim the lights a little and marvel at the effect that they lend to your party. You can also use many different types of candles for decorating various sections of the house. Keeping candles in well placed locations in the room with the dance floor is a great way to liven up the dancing too.

Enhance the look with Centerpieces and flowers


Centerpieces are a great decorative for any occasion. You can get customized centerpieces designed and you can even have a centerpiece that corresponds to the theme of your party. You can also try and build your own centerpiece if you are any good at such creative endeavors. Strategically placed flowers do wonders as party decoratives. You have the option of using real or artificial flowers for the decorations. You can pick and choose flowers depending on the theme of your party.

Streamers as Decoratives


Streamers come in many colors and can really do wonders for your decorations. You can do a lot with streamers, hang them on the ceiling or hang them on the doors and windows. You can also give it some hard work and make attractive shapes out of the streamers.

Deck up the Birthday Cake table


Consider where to put up the cake table. The background needs to be decorated with streamers and banner. The table cloth, the cake tray, other crockery, napkins and cutlery, all need to be placed in a way, that the table looks picture perfect.

Decorating the entrance


Decorate the entrance with balloons or a flower bouquet. Also mount a beautiful “Happy Birthday” banner with the name of the birthday boy/girl.

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