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Best Cocktail Party Ideas

To some die-hard patrons of parties, a party is not a party if not a Cocktail Party. The beauty of a cocktail party lies in the fact that the guests get a toast of a heady mix of some of the finest drinks in one go, enjoying the atmosphere, all the while.

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients with a spirit as one of the ingredients.

One of the best parts of hosting a cocktail party is that it is informal which means that the range of guests can be large. From your next door neighbor to your boss, anyone can figure on the guest list of a cocktail party thrown by you.

Planning an Event?

Cocktail parties can bring stark strangers on the same footing. On many occasions this meeting goes on to build a lifelong bond, including a romantic one.

Arguably started by one Mrs. Julius S Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri, in 1917, the idea of a cocktail party spread like wildfire across continents and is now a regular feature in hotels, night-clubs, private parties and events like wedding receptions.

Timing for a memorable cocktail party

Timing of the party is important due to the contents served. The evening is therefore the most appropriate time. The cocktail party can start at any time after 7 pm during summers and after 6 pm during winters. It is best enjoyed with a dinner. In case it is not a dinner, appetizers could be a better option.


  • Idea 1: Serve the drinks more popular with your guests. For this you must be aware of the tastes of your guests. Since a cocktail party usually has a select group, this could be easy. It is advisable not to keep drinks which are not in the trend. Prominent alcohol brands are too famous to be ignored, even if they are costly.
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  • Idea 2: Keeping a strict dress code will be good for a cocktail party. Whether you’re sending an online invitation or calling guests over phone; you must intimate them about the dress code. The modern age men and women like to dress up as a universal rule and a fashionable theme will surely help add glamour to the party. Formal dresses are advisable to psychologically prevent guests from going awry but informal dressing is also not a bad option.
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  • Idea 3: Music to a party is like flower to a honeybee. The cocktail party will appear damp if there is no music playing in the background. However, spending on a DJ console is not a necessity. People generally like soft music and that can be easily arranged using an advanced music system. Waltz or Jazz? It’s your call.
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  • Idea 4: Keep appetizers or dinner. Good food is simply irresistible. Keep in mind that food should not upset the stomach of your guests or they may end throwing up. Proper seating arrangement is also a must. For impeccable arrangement, you can consult an event management firm.
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  • Idea 5: Decoration of the party venue is essential. The colours chosen for decoration should not be too flashy as they may cause a sense of uneasiness among guests. A simple yet classic touch – for instance a 70’s look – could give a thematic setting to the party. After all a party with a theme has a distinctness and charm of its own.
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  • Idea 6: Some of the guests may tend to get out of hand after a few rounds so it is best to organize the party at a place where help is readily available. Drive-home services, bartenders and a sober organizer are a must for a peaceful and colourful party.

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