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How to Throw a Memorable 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

And they lived happily ever after….! Who doesn’t wish that this fairytale ending comes true in their real life? However, it is not easy to live with a person for years – let alone forever – and still love him/her. Those couples who have made it to the 25th year of being happily married certainly deserve appreciation. If you are among those lucky few, then what could be a better way to appreciate and celebrate this ‘achievement’ than organizing a wonderful 25th wedding anniversary party?

Wedding anniversaries are like important milestones in a couple’s married life. 25th anniversary is also called the silver jubilee. It is like getting a silver medal for your wonderful accomplishment, 50th anniversary being the gold medal! The best way to celebrate the day is to invite your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances and have a wonderful and memorable time with them.

Selecting and Decorating the Venue

Planning an Event?

Selecting the right venue for the party is important. Decide whether it will be an intimate gathering with a few close friends and family members or a grand celebration. Select a venue like you own house, a reception hall or an outdoor location to comfortably accommodate all the guests.

Silver is the theme for a 25th-anniversary party. A wedding anniversary always has a touch of romantic sentiments to it. Why not combine the two into a wonderful theme decoration? Decorate the room or hall with a glittering moon and sparkling silver stars to create a romantic starry-night like atmosphere. Two large, heart-shaped balloons with the couple’s names on them will be a perfect decoration idea for the event along with silver coloured balloons and streamers hanging from the ceilings, doors, windows, etc.

Send Invitations

Planning 25th wedding anniversary party includes some serious preparations. Send printed or online invitations. Use the many online resources to select the perfect invitation cards or e-cards. You can also get help from an event planning service to create customized invitations for your anniversary. And if you love to explore your own creativity a bit, then it’s your chance to design the invitations yourself adding a unique personalized touch to them.

Party Celebrations

Good food and drink are an essential part of any celebration. Make it a point to order food from a reputable catering service. In case of a house-party, prepare a variety of dishes to satisfy different people with different tastes. If you serve snacks instead of a full meal, accompany it with fine wine and beverages. Dessert, special heart-shaped anniversary cup-cakes and chocolates, etc. will make wonderful sweets for the party. Playing soft, romantic tunes or songs in the background will create the perfect mood.

A slide-show with a chronological depiction of the couple’s romantic life story will be a greatly entertaining and sentimental way to celebrate the occasion. It will not only enliven some beautiful memories of the couple but also make some of the emotional guests become misty-eyed.

Party favours could include a beautiful two pictures photo-frame with the photos of the couple. A CD with a collection of popular songs from the period the couple first met and married.

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