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Bridal Hairstyles For Sarees: Best Looks to Try This Wedding Season

Bridal hairstyles for sarees blend the traditional charm with modern grace, making them a quintessential part of South Indian weddings. These hairstyles, ranging from elegant buns to graceful braids, not only complement the saree but also the bride’s overall attire, bringing out her personality and style. Incorporating fresh flowers, hair accessories, and traditional jewelry, each hairstyle on the saree becomes a masterpiece that reflects the bride’s personal style, the occasion, and regional culture.

This season, explore the best looks and trends in hairstyles for Indian bridal wear that promise to elevate the wedding ensemble. From the classic bun reimagined with a contemporary twist to romantic braided hairstyles and chic ponytails fit for the modern bride, this article is your go-to guide. Discover half-tied hairstyles that offer subtlety and charm, glamorous open hairstyles for a bolder look, and retro-inspired hairstyles that bring a touch of nostalgia. Furthermore, learn how to accessorize bridal hairstyles to complete the look, ensuring every bride feels like a vision in her saree.

Classic Bun with a Modern Twist

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In the realm of bridal hairstyles for sarees, the classic bun holds a place of honor, revered for its elegance and simplicity. Yet, as we embrace modern aesthetics, this traditional style has evolved, incorporating contemporary twists that promise to enchant. Here’s how the classic bun is being reimagined for today’s bride:

  • Braided Buns:

A harmonious blend of tradition and trend, the braided bun combines the classic neat bun with intricate braids, often adorned with a ring of gajra. This style adds a romantic flair, perfect for the bride seeking a blend of classic and contemporary.

    • Example: A sleek low bun encircled by a braid, highlighted with a circular gajra, radiates elegance while introducing a modern twist.
  • Floral and Jewelled Accents:

Elevating the simple bun to a piece of art, floral and jewelled accents introduce a touch of glamour and sophistication. Options range from the bouquet bun with crown gajra and jewelled net to more minimalistic designs, each adding a unique charm.

    • Floral Bun: Crafted to resemble a flower and adorned with multi-shaded flowers, this style is particularly suited for red Kanchipuram sarees, adding a vibrant burst of color.
    • Puff Bun: For those with thin hair, the puff bun combines vintage grace with added volume, making it a striking choice that complements the saree beautifully.
  • Gajra Bun for Backless Blouses:

A testament to the versatility of the classic bun, the Gajra Bun, adorned with garlands of jasmine flowers, is the ideal choice for backless blouses. This style not only exudes traditional charm but also suits everyone, especially when paired with traditional Red Bridal Kanchipuram Sarees.

The modern twist on the classic bridal bun is not just about aesthetics; it’s about making a statement that resonates with the bride’s personality and style preferences. With the use of key products like Paw Mitchell Invisible Wear Memory Shaper and Schwarzkopf Osis Tame Wild, these hairstyles promise to maintain their allure throughout the wedding festivities. Whether it’s the intricate beauty of braided buns, the elegance of floral and jewelled accents, or the traditional charm of the Gajra Bun, each style offers a unique way to celebrate the bride’s individuality while paying homage to the timeless beauty of sarees.

Romantic Braided Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles for sarees are a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, and what better way to embody this than through romantic braided hairstyles? These styles, known for their intricacy and elegance, are perfect for the Indian bride looking to add a touch of whimsy and grace to her wedding ensemble. Let’s delve into some of the most enchanting braided hairstyles that promise to turn heads this wedding season:

  • Elegant Braided Buns and Hairdos:
    • Pulled Back Hair with Roses: Imagine your hair elegantly pulled back into a braid, with roses crafted from your own locks. This style is not just a hairstyle; it’s a piece of art, perfect for the bride aiming for elegance and romance.
    • Semi-Braided Ponytail: For a regal look, opt for a semi-braided ponytail adorned with tiny embellishments. This style strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and charm, ideal for the modern bride.
    • Fishtail Braid with Adornments: A classic fishtail braid becomes a statement piece when adorned with flowers, beads, or antique pieces. Suitable for medium to long hair, this style complements oval, round, and square faces beautifully.
  • Unique and Special Braids:
    • Crown Braid: Encircling the head like a tiara, the crown braid is for the bride seeking a regal touch. This style, suitable for all hair types, adds a majestic aura to the bridal look.
    • Waterfall Braid: Adding a whimsical touch to the bridal hairstyle, the waterfall braid with strands flowing gracefully is suitable for all face shapes, making it a versatile choice.
    • Ladder Braids: For a bride aiming for a unique and special hairstyle, ladder braids offer regal elegance and a romantic flair, setting her apart from the rest.
  • Braids with Traditional and Contemporary Twists:
    • Boho Chic Braided Crown: A whimsical choice for the free-spirited bride, this braided crown adorned with fresh flowers or boho accessories creates a breathtaking effect.
    • Traditional South Indian Braids: Inspired by traditional South Indian bridal hairstyles, multiple braids adorned with temple jewelry or gold accessories create a look of majestic beauty.
    • Contemporary Twists: Give traditional braids a modern edge by experimenting with fishtail or rope braids, embellished with hair accessories that complement your bridal ensemble.

These romantic braided hairstyles for sarees not only honor the rich cultural heritage of Indian weddings but also cater to the modern bride’s desire for uniqueness and personalization. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of a fishtail braid adorned with flowers or the regal charm of a crown braid, there’s a braided hairstyle to suit every bride’s dream look. Remember, the key to a stunning bridal hairstyle lies in choosing a style that reflects your personality and complements your saree, ensuring you look and feel like the radiant bride you are meant to be.

Chic Ponytails for the Modern Bride

Ponytail hairstyles have surged in popularity among modern brides, offering a refreshing twist to traditional bridal hairstyles. These versatile looks range from sleek and sophisticated to whimsically romantic, catering to every bride’s unique style. Let’s delve into the chic ponytail variations that are making waves this wedding season:

  • Elegance with Volume:
    • Puffy Ponytail Hairstyle: This contemporary option infuses elegance with a hint of playfulness, perfect for brides seeking a blend of both.
    • Voluminous Curls Ponytail: Featuring extra volume at the crown and adorned with dainty hair accessories, this hairstyle adds a glamorous touch to the bride’s ensemble.
    • Gorgeous Low Ponytail: Providing extra volume at the back, this style exudes sophistication, ideal for brides donning designer sarees.
  • Stylishly Casual:
    • Messy Ponytail: A casual yet stylish choice, this hairstyle is perfect for brides aiming for a laid-back yet chic look.
    • Beach Waves Ponytail: Exquisite and effortless, this option is great for brides looking for a natural and free-spirited hairstyle.
    • Simple High Pony: A sleek top knot that pairs flawlessly with gowns, offering a minimalist yet elegant appeal.
  • Unique and Thematic:
    • Curled Up Pony with Side Braid: Ideal for Sangeet functions, this hairstyle is both playful and regal.
    • Vintage Wave Bridal Ponytail with Textured Braid: Perfect for engagement and reception parties, it adds a nostalgic charm.
    • Bubbled Ponytail: A loose-fitting and elegant choice, suitable for pre-wedding ceremonies and complementing round and oval face shapes beautifully.
    • Braided Ponytail: A beautiful fusion of classic and contemporary styles, this is especially suited for South Indian brides looking to add a traditional touch with a modern twist.

These ponytail hairstyles not only cater to the aesthetic preferences of modern brides but also ensure comfort and durability throughout the wedding festivities. By incorporating elements like sleek sections, dainty beaded accessories, or flowers, brides can personalize their ponytails to match their sarees and overall wedding theme. Whether opting for a chic puffy ponytail for a contemporary vibe or a braided ponytail for a blend of tradition and modernity, these hairstyles promise to enhance the bridal look, making every bride feel uniquely beautiful on her special day.

Half-Tied Hairstyles for a Subtle Charm

Half-tied hairstyles strike a perfect balance between elegance and ease, making them a sought-after choice for brides donning the timeless saree. With 27 diverse styles ranging from the sophistication of floral updos to the allure of dramatic braids and the classic charm of bridal buns, there’s a half-tied look for every bride’s dream ensemble. Let’s explore some of the most enchanting options:

  • Floral Updos and Dramatic Braids:

    • Half-tie with Diagonal Braid: A mesmerizing choice that combines the simplicity of a half-tie with the intricate beauty of a diagonal braid, ideal for adding a whimsical touch.
    • Basic Half-tie with Flowers: This style exudes romance, with flowers woven into the hair, perfect for a garden or beach wedding.
    • Half-tie with Voluminous Curls: For brides seeking glamour, this style adds volume and bounce, creating a stunning silhouette against the saree.

Adapting these styles to suit various environments, especially in warmer climates, ensures comfort without compromising on elegance. Accessories like flowers, maang tikkas, and matha pattis not only embellish these hairstyles but also infuse traditional charm, making each bride’s look uniquely her own.

  • Accessorizing for Enhanced Charm:

    • Flower Bun in Loose Hair: Ideal for curly or wavy hair types, this style lets a few strands gently frame the face, adding a soft, romantic vibe.
    • Half Braid: Thick or thin, any hair type can dazzle with a half braid adorned with floral or beaded ensembles, marrying tradition with personal style.
    • The Half-up, Half-down Bridal Hairdo: A versatile classic that flatters various face shapes, and pairs beautifully with veils or dupattas, offering a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

When selecting a half-tied hairstyle, considering factors like face shape, hair length, and personal style preferences ensures that the chosen look not only complements the saree but also highlights the bride’s natural beauty. Whether it’s the elegance of a ‘Didi’ style, the intricate allure of a ‘Fishtail Braid’, or the balanced grace of a ‘Half-up Half-down’ style, each bride can find a half-tied hairstyle that resonates with her personal aesthetic, making her wedding day look unforgettable.

Glamorous Open Hair Styles

Open hairstyles bring a blend of romance and contemporary elegance to the bridal look, making them a fabulous choice for saree-clad brides. Here are some trending open hair styles that promise to add that extra charm to your wedding attire:

  • Elegant Open Curls with a Twist:
    • Middle-Parted Small Puff: Adds a hint of modernity while keeping the look soft and romantic.
    • Sleek Wavy Hair: Offers timeless elegance, perfect for complementing bridal sarees and veils.
    • Classic Barrel Curls: Achieve a glamorous look with Old Hollywood waves, ideal for adding glitz to your wedding ensemble.
  • Stylishly Simple Yet Sophisticated:
    • One-Sided Sweep: A simple, yet stylish choice, allowing brides to flaunt their locks with a subtle, elegant sweep.
    • Soft, Shiny Waves: Body and shine are added to your hair, perfect for achieving a natural, effortless look.
    • Chic Center Part with Loose Curls: Screams of bygone glamour, making it an ideal choice for brides aiming for a vintage look.
  • Innovative Floral and Accessory Integrations:
    • Cascading Floral Waterfall: Intersperse flowers along the length of loose curls or waves, transforming your hair into a breathtaking floral cascade, perfect for outdoor celebrations.
    • Headdress as Necklace: Enhances long faces and complements large foreheads, especially striking with a white and orange Kanchipuram Saree.
    • Rich Floral Hair: Incorporates lush blossoms and greenery, bringing a touch of rustic charm to garden weddings.

Each of these styles can be enhanced with a variety of accessories, from traditional jasmine garlands to contemporary statement pieces like a maang tikka, ensuring every bride finds the perfect match for her saree and personal style. Whether opting for the elegance of sleek waves or the whimsical charm of a floral waterfall, open hairstyles offer a world of possibilities to express your individuality and bridal elegance.

Retro-Inspired Hairstyles

Retro-inspired hairstyles bring a touch of nostalgia and timeless elegance to bridal looks, blending beautifully with the grace of sarees. Let’s dive into some of the most captivating retro looks that are sure to turn heads:

  • Greek Goddess Updo:
    • Minimalistic Elegance: Perfect for brides with oblong face shapes, this hairstyle exudes simplicity and grace.
    • Ideal Pairing: Complements pearl white sarees, adding a divine touch to the bridal ensemble.
    • Key Tip: Accentuate with delicate pearl accessories to enhance the goddess vibe.
  • A Heritage Headpiece:
    • Sparkling Addition: Elevate a simple updo with an Art Deco-inspired headpiece for a dazzling effect.
    • Style Note: This accessory works wonders by adding a vintage charm and a focal point to your hairstyle.
  • A Voluminous Bun:
    • Inspiration: Drawing from the ’60s glamour, this bouffant-inspired bun is perfect for brides dreaming of a vintage-themed wedding.
    • Styling Tip: Pair with a classic saree to fully embrace the retro theme.
  • A Floral Accent:
    • Effortless Charm: A nod to the flower-child era, this half-up, half-down style features loose curls adorned with fresh flowers.
    • Occasion Fit: Ideal for daytime or garden weddings, adding a whimsical touch to the bridal look.
  • Bardot Bangs
    • Romantic Appeal: Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, these curtain bangs add a layer of vintage allure to any bridal hairstyle.
    • Styling Suggestion: Works best with softly curled hair, creating a dreamy and romantic bridal look.

Incorporating these retro-inspired hairstyles into your wedding day look not only pays homage to the beauty of the past but also adds a unique and memorable element to your bridal style. Whether you’re drawn to the divine elegance of a Greek Goddess Updo or the whimsical charm of floral accents, each style offers a way to beautifully blend traditional saree elegance with retro flair.

Accessorizing Bridal Hairstyles

Throughout this exploration of bridal hairstyles for sarees, we have traversed the realms of elegance, tradition, and modernity to highlight styles that complement every bride’s personal aesthetic. From the timeless appeal of classic buns reimagined with modern twists to the whimsical charm of romantic braided hairstyles, chic ponytails, enchanting half-tied looks, and open hair styles brimming with contemporary elegance, each style serves as a testament to the unique beauty and grace of brides across cultures. These hairstyles, when adorned with the right accessories, do not just complete the bridal look but elevate it, ensuring every bride shines brilliantly on her special day.

Understanding the importance of every detail in crafting the perfect wedding ensemble, it becomes crucial to have the best professionals by your side. To book the best makeup artist in your city who can bring these hairstyles to life and ensure your bridal look is nothing short of breathtaking, contact us. As we conclude, remember that choosing the right hairstyle is about reflecting your personality, embracing your cultural heritage, and making a statement that resonates with your individual style. May your wedding day be as stunning and memorable as the carefully chosen hairstyle that adorns you.


Bridal hairstyles for sarees offer a beautiful spectrum of choices, ensuring every bride finds her perfect match to shine on her special day. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of updos or the relaxed charm of open hair styles, the key is to select a hairstyle that complements your saree, personal style, and the wedding’s setting. Here are some essential considerations to guide you in making your choice:

  • Understanding the Dress and Venue:
    • Silhouette and Neckline: Consider how your hairstyle will complement the silhouette and neckline of your saree or wedding dress. Strapless dresses pair beautifully with a range of hairstyles, from sophisticated updos to loose, flowing waves.
    • Climate Considerations: The wedding’s location and weather play a crucial role. Opt for updos or half-tied styles in humid or windy conditions to keep your hair manageable and elegant throughout the event.
  • Pinterest Inspirations and Trends:
    • Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration, offering endless ideas from bridal hairstyles for sarees to chic ponytails and hairstyles suited for thin hair. Dive into this visual platform to explore and pin your favorite looks, helping you visualize your dream wedding hairstyle.
  • Personalizing Your Hairstyle:
    • Hair Type and Bone Structure: Tailor your hairstyle choice to your hair type and bone structure for a flattering look. For example, glamorous Hollywood waves might suit those with thicker hair, while a soft bend could be ideal for showcasing the natural texture of finer strands.
    • Highlighting the Gown: If you wish to draw attention to your saree or gown, consider hairstyles that keep hair off the shoulders, such as elegant buns or chic ponytails. This ensures your beautiful attire takes center stage.

Choosing the right bridal hairstyle for your saree is not just about following trends; it’s about crafting a look that reflects your personality, embraces your cultural heritage, and enhances your natural beauty. Whether you’re leaning towards a classic bun with a modern twist, a romantic braided hairstyle, or a glamorous open hair style, remember to consider how your hair will harmonize with the overall theme of your wedding, your saree, and the unique aspects of your personal style. With these insights, you’re well on your way to selecting a bridal hairstyle that will make you feel like the radiant, confident bride you are meant to be.


Q. What are the best hairstyles to pair with a saree?

A. The top modern and trendy hairstyles that complement a saree include:

  • A sleek ponytail
  • A twisted half updo with a ponytail braid
  • A gajraa bun adorned with flowers
  • A fishtail braid
  • Breezy wavy hair
  • A paranda braid embellished with gajra
  • A sleek sock bun
  • A half updo with a subtle pouf

Q. For brides, is it better to have hair styled up or down?

A. The choice between having hair up or down for brides often depends on the neckline of the wedding dress. For strapless dresses, either having hair down or styled as half up, half down can look charming and feminine while accentuating the neckline. Loose waves and a soft, flowing style are recommended. For dresses with higher necklines, an updo might be more suitable to complement the look.

Q. What is the most sought-after wedding hairstyle?

A. The half up, half down hairstyle is a highly favored choice for weddings and is suitable for both short and long hair. This classic and elegant style is versatile, making it a perfect match for veils and various accessories, and it remains a timeless option for brides.

Q. What is the ideal hairstyle for wedding attendees?

A. When attending a wedding, it’s best to opt for a hairstyle that is neat, classy, and polished. Some options to consider are:

  • Short hairstyles with slick side partings
  • Waves created with barrel tongs
  • Ballerina buns
  • Textured updos These styles help to achieve a dressy and sophisticated appearance suitable for a wedding.

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