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Celebrate Your Monsoon Weekend with these Rainy Platters

India has a seasonal zest to food. There is a wide variety of mouthwatering rain-special dishes which please your palate and eyes. It’s a wonder who invented these dishes, so apt for the monsoon season.
The monsoon brings with it a wonderful weather and the craving for amazing, hot, delicious snacks. When the first rain comes, we all enjoy the Petrichor, i.e. the distinctive scent of wet soil and start gobbling up lip smacking rain-special platters.

Monsoon platter varies from one place to another. With the advent of monsoons, the hunger and yearning for tasty and delicious food starts. Below are some monsoon-special delicacies:

    • In Gujarat, people enjoy a cup of hot tea with dalwadas. The pleasure of eating this crispy snack is in the month of monsoon.


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Dalwadas with tea

    • Most of the people enjoy deep-fried mirchies (chilies) in chana flour.

deep fried mirchies

    • Boiled or fried ground nuts (bhiknas) are also loved by many. You will keep munching on it, and one will never even realize when it just got over. The best part is, they have amazing health benefits

Masala peanuts

    • In most of the places, people enjoy having roasted corn (bhutta)

Masala Corn

    • Combination of pakodas/ bhajia and tea are an all-time favorite. Pakodas are prepared using onion, paneer, potato, etc. People chomp on fresh and hot pakodas with mint chutney and tomato ketchup. It is a million dollar experience which no one should miss. 🙂

Onion Bhaji

    • We all tend to drink masala tea or cardamom tea while enjoying the downpour.

Cardamom Masala tea

    • Another much-loved food is the rassa omelet. You should stop counting the calories gained by gorging on this yummy mouthwatering snack/ food and start counting on the memories you make.

rassa omlet

    • Most of us prefer having spiced up food during the monsoon. Be it mushroom gravy or crabs, the more it is fiery; the most delicious it tastes. Preparing it at home and relishing it with family and friends is one of the best moments to cherish.

mushroom gravy

    • A full-size mug of coffee is also liked by many.


    • Aloo Bonda tastes heavenly when water drops from the gray clouds. This is one of the terrific, finger licking snacks which you end up eating like there is no tomorrow.

aloo bonda

    • Youngsters like to munch on different flavors of ice creams. Each one has its own taste and craving.

Monsoon icecreams

    • White rice with fish gravy is the best combination for fish lovers. It tastes great when it is spicy. During the rainy season, even a person on diet will not skip it. We believe people should have a cheat month (wink wink) and enjoy the various rainy platters available, while monsoons are still here.

fish Curry with rice

    • How can we skip the yummy pav baji, dabeli and vada pav? They just become extra tasty during rains. 🙂

Pav Bhaji

    • Hot Jalebis – the delicious and tasty sweet dish. No one can stop drooling when they are hot and crispy.

hot jalebi
It is fun to enjoy these rainy platters in street side shops, balconies, porches and terraces. Gorging on these hot and spicy delicacies while watching the tinkling rain drops is oh so wonderful!

Do enjoy your favourite monsoon platter this rainy season and help us include more of your season’s favourites here by suggesting in comments below. Cheers! 🙂


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