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Choosing The Right Corporate Party Venue

When planning a corporate party, there are endless things that demand your unwavering attention. While making a lot of decisions, one decision that you need to take as soon as possible is finalizing the party venue as it is going to have a huge impact on the success of your party. Here, we bring you some factors to keep in mind that will help in choosing the right venue.

Location of the venue

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The first factor when choosing a corporate party venue is its location. If it is a local party, ensure the venue is in the area that is easy to access by most of the attendees. If you are having outstation guests, choose a venue that is close to the airport or the hotel where they are staying to make it easier and convenient for them. Once a venue has been finalized, book it immediately. It is always to get the booking done well in advance.


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Another factor that you must keep in mind is the parking space available at the venue. If you are planning a huge party and the venue lacks adequate space, it is sure to create a parking mess. Thus, look for a venue that has ample space for the guests to park their vehicles with the utmost ease and convenience. If the venue is excellent but lacks enough parking area, see if you can reserve nearby parking slots. Encourage your colleagues and employees to share a cab or car. If the venue offers valet parking, it can reduce parking dilemmas to a significant extent.

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Venue Capacity

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Check the capacity of the party venue. The venue must have enough space for the guests to move around and meet and greet each other without feeling squeezed in. Also, check out if the venue has proper fire and safety codes in place. 

 F & B Minimums

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See if the venue takes care of food and drinks or you need to hire the services of an outside caterer. Many venues offering F & B services sets a minimum spending amount on foods and drinks. If you are planning to spend more than their minimum, you are a preferred customer for them which gives you an upper hand to negotiate hard and ask for some complimentary services like free mocktails or desserts.


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Check the amenities provided by the venue so that the guests coming to attend the party are comfortable and have a great time. Check their furniture and furnishings and see if it is sync with your expectations. If these are sub-par, it will leave a negative impact on the guest’s experience. Ensure they have a proper cleaning crew who can clean the area once the party is over. 

 Check the layout

 When selecting a venue, also check the layout of the place so that you can have a rough idea about party activities like dance, music, games, etc., and the flow of traffic.

Last but not least, check the ambiance of the place and see if it goes with your expectations. Considering the above factors, you can ensure a successful corporate party that people are going to remember for a long time to come.

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