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Do’s and Don’ts of Gift Bags

Gift bags are known as the closing remark and final send-off from any event. Nothing speaks louder than a lovely gift bag with interesting gift items bundled together in one place. Gifts bags are certainly the most popular way of offering gifts at any event and people love to get exciting gifts after the party ends. No matter whether you are organising a meeting, trade show or an event, giving a gift that someone will appreciate and put to use is key because they will keep you or your company in mind each time they are making the use of it. You need to be very careful while you are selecting gifts for your gift bag as it is the final impression that you leave with a client or guest potential. So, for your help here we have the dos and don’ts of creating a perfect gift bag.

Let’s Begin With the DOs of Gift Bags

While selecting your gifts for your goodie bags, be thoughtful about the things that you are selecting. A good rule thumb is to give a gadget for travelling, or the home. This will make it easier for you to narrow down what gifts to put in your bags. You can even choose a portable charger or eye mask if they are frequent travellers to make their journey enjoyable.

Planning an Event?

Water Bottle For Gift Bag

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Nothing can ever beat water when you are truly thirsty. A small water-bottle can feel like an oasis in the desert when you are in a hot climate. It is one of the most useful items to be part of a well-thought-out gift bag.

Scent Bottles For Gift Bag

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They are always one of the most loved gifts of all. Scents are somehow deeply connected to our sub-conscious memories. A smell of a particular brand can trigger long-forgotten memories. It’s gift that can be re-gifted to someone you love.

Skin-care Products For Gift Bag

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A great item to include in a gift bag of any size or shape. Women love to try out newer brands and products when it comes to beautify their skin. Make sure that the products are safe for skin and don’t cause irritation or allergies.

Hair-care Items For Gift Bag

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They go perfectly well with skin-care items as an additional surprise to the receiver. Gels and shampoos are indispensable when taking good care of hair and it is something both men and women will find useful.

Wrap Your Gift Bag Well

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How you present those gift bags is equally important as what you put inside them. Present your gift bags in as attractive a manner as possible. Let them make an instant appeal to the receiver and make them impatient to explore them.

Check out some DON’Ts of Gift Bags

One of the most important thing that you need to remember while you are selecting gifts is not to buy personal gifts for anyone. It is better to opt for useful presents for them. Remember that extravagant gifts such as cars are much more complicated, so avoid these gifts unless the budget or event asks for it.

Chocolates For Gift Bag 

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If the climate is hot, chocolates will melt and spoil the whole gift packaging in no time. That’s certainly not what you intend. Something like dried fruits will make a better choice.

Alcohol For Gift Bag

No more alcohol please. Gone are the days when adding a bottle of champagne was a common thing. You cannot do it anymore as it is illegal. So play by the rules of the game and avoid alcohol in your gift bag.

Colour Cosmetics For Gift Bag

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Neither everyone uses the same products nor does one colour suit all. A unique colour cosmetic product will go waste if it doesn’t suit the person. It is best to avoid such products or at least use bronze or nude shades that will suit most people.

Don’t Go Overboard

Gift well inside your budget and don’t go overboard with it. A gift is a gesture of your thankfulness and there is no need to be extravagant in it. It will only look showy. Make sure that your gift bag contains gift items that are meaningful and suit the event. Also, they should be useful to people so that they can use them and remember you while doing so.

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