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Destination Weddings

Tips for planning destination wedding


Destination weddings are gaining a lot of popularity these days as more and more couples are abandoning the idea of getting married in a traditional way. Instead they are looking for a variety of unique ideas to make this day truly spectacular for them. Destination weddings offer a chance to do something unique and different from the usual grind. Budget conscious couples can also plan destination weddings where only close relatives and friends become a part of the ceremony. If you are planning to organize such a ceremony, following tips can help a great deal.

  • Choose a perfect destination- A destination for wedding can be chosen keeping a variety of factors in mind. Budget and interest of the couple are the most important factors that help in screening suitable destinations.
  • Advance planning- Since the place where wedding is being organized is totally new and there is no support system of friends and relatives chipping in to carry out various tasks that needs to be done at a wedding, it is essential to plan everything in advance. Contact a local wedding planner who can help in organizing each and every aspect of this gala event.
  • Save money by combining resources- If you are choosing popular romantic getaway as wedding destination, it may prove to be an expensive affair. In order to save money, families of bride and the groom can pool their resources. This way a perfect destination can be chosen for this memorable day without spending exorbitant amounts by one family.  
  • Go for cruise wedding- Cruise wedding is not only an affordable way of organizing destination weddings but are also a perfect setting for enjoying a collective vacation with near and dear ones.
  • Research weather conditions before committing- Before choosing a destination for taking wedding vows, one must carry out an extensive research on weather forecast so as to avoid any unforeseeable weather condition that may dampen the spirit of the marriage party. Sudden shower or storms can wash away your wedding organizing efforts.
  • Follow the rules of the place- Every destination has some rules and regulations regarding events being planned. For instance, one may have to take prior permission from the local authorities or there may be stipulations regarding presence of witnesses during the ceremony. Local wedding planners can help in this regard.
  • Reputed vendors must be hired- When hiring different vendors for carrying out different tasks at a wedding ceremony, only reputed and trustworthy vendors must be hired. It is impossible to keep a tab on them with so much going on during a wedding ceremony, hence the best idea is to seek services of a professional wedding planner.
  • Ensure that guests have a gala time- It is important that the guests invited for the “do” have a gala time. It is important to take care that each and every requirement of the guests is taken care of.
  • Try to relax- Since you have already poured your heart and soul into the preparations of this important day in your life, now is the time to relax and go with the flow.
  • Seek services of a reputed wedding consultant- Last but not the least, hire services of a reputed wedding consultant so that you can enjoy this day without any tensions or stress.

Keeping these tips in mind will surely help you in making this day quite enjoyable and memorable for you.

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