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Going Down the Memory Lane

Going Down the Memory Lane

A family union is very close to our heart as it brings distant family-members and relatives closer. People have to stay away from family for education, work, marriage, etc. This doesn’t diminish the love and affection they have for their families; in fact, it makes it stronger. To see them again and have a great time together, arrange a family reunion party.

Planning a family reunion is like going down the memory lane, remembering each one of your relatives and the fun moments shared together. So, enjoy every aspect of planning your family’s reunion. 🙂

Planning Family Reunion

The best way to start is to make a list of tasks you will need to do in order to manage the event. You can discuss with your family and relatives about when, where and how you will be arranging the party. Distribute certain key-tasks among the family-members or relatives. This will reduce the burden and ensure that every job is done well and in time.

Planning an Event?

Making a list of all your relatives is very important to ensure that you don’t forget to invite anyone. This will save you from embarrassment and ill-feelings later on. There could be relatives who you may not have been in touch with for years. Taking help from elders will be helpful in this regard. Sending personalized, hand-made cards is the best way to add a personal touch to your invitations. You can even send invitations via email or use social media sites like Facebook. When you are running short of time, there are plenty of online resources that will help you send creative custom e-invitations with RSVP. One such tool you might like to try is EventEve.com

Plan a theme for the party

Discuss with family and relatives to decide on a theme that will be entertaining as well as convenient for everyone. All your party activities can be based on that particular theme. The decorations should be simple and playful as it is an intimate gathering. Use your creativity to come-up with some surprises and try adding a touch of fun and humor to the decorations.

Making arrangements for the party

You may arrange the event at your own house if it is spacious enough to accommodate the guests. However, if it isn’t then decide on a venue that is at a convenient location for everyone to arrive in time. Make sure that there are adequate transportation services available. Elderly and disabled relatives might need special arrangements and as a host, you may need to address that too. Also make sure that the party venue has all the facilities including catering services, light and sound arrangements, etc.

Welcome your guests on the entrance with a warm smile and hug. Since it is a family event, you don’t have to introduce anyone as most people will know each other. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable and well attended to. Also make sure that elders are comfortable and make adequate sitting arrangements for them. Offer the guests with snacks and drinks and enjoy pleasant conversations with them. Enjoy fun moments with kids as they make the party lively with their playfulness.

Fun galore at the party

You may add some fun to the party by playing some fun music and even dance on the beats. Playing party games like family trivia, photo-scavenger hunt, old-photo match, etc. will make the atmosphere come alive when everyone is laughing, shouting, teasing and cheering each others. Offer some memorable party favors like a chocolate gift hamper or acrylic key-chains, coffee-mugs, favor bags, etc. with a picture of the present family.

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