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questions to ask when booking venue

Questions to ask when booking a wedding venue

Wedding season is round the corner, and it is time to finalize a wedding venue. Weddings are usually organized in a banquet hall, but before finalizing a banquet hall, it is extremely important to find out about certain aspects that will ensure a wedding celebration to be successful. These banquet halls are available in star category hotels, restaurants and high profile clubs. All these venues provide a perfect place for organizing a variety of events and functions like weddings. On the basis of location and banquet hall size, a venue is chosen that best meets the requirements of people. Before deciding a wedding venue, it is essential to ask few pertinent questions that help in the success of the function.

Top 5 questions to be asked before finalizing a wedding venue are:

  1. The Size of the venue and the Facilities available – Ask the venue authorities about its capacity and how many guests it can hold at a time. If a large ceremony is being planned, find out if necessary facilities and amenities are available for handling that many guests. You can also inquire if similar occasion has been organized at this venue before as it will give you an idea about the popularity of the place. Facilities like air conditioning in summers and heaters in winters are necessary.
  2. Date Availability – Another pertinent question to be asked is about the availability of dates. Whether the wedding venue is available for the date of the wedding is another vital question to be asked. Many venues are so huge that 2-3 weddings are organized in a day thus ask if wedding venue is available on the desired date.
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  4. Restrictions or Rules – These days, many venues have some visitor guidelines that need to be followed. Ask the authorities about these rules or policies that are followed by a venue before signing a contract. Avoid any unpleasant arrangement that may occur if you are not aware about the rules of the place.
  5. Packages and decorations – Many venues offer comprehensive packages that entail a lot of services, facilities and amenities. Go through these packages carefully before deciding which package will suit you most perfectly. Cost is another factor that needs to be considered when selecting a suitable package. Some packages only offer basic facilities and services while some others offer decoration, catering, music, etc. The charges for these services may be additional or may be included in the package. If decoration is included in the package, confirm what all things will be included in this category.
  6. Food and catering options – Many venues offer their own in-house catering while some other allows outside catering. If you are deciding to go for in-house catering, taste the food offered by the venue. You can also create your own menu and ask the venue people to deliver the same. Share your choices regarding soups, appetizers, entrees, salads, main dishes, and dessert. Though, such options are cost effective, but there is no guarantee of quality food. At times, it is best to use your tried and tested caterer to whip out delicacies for this glorious occasion.

Asking above mentioned questions will help you in making the correct decision when selecting a wedding venue.

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