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Great Ideas to Have a Fantastic Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties (also known as Hens’ parties) are for girls who want to enjoy the bliss of singlehood one last time before getting married. Though the concept is not all that common in India, it is becoming popular. It is a party organized by the close friends and female family members of the bride before she enters into the new phase of her life. It is important that you plan well to make the party enjoyable for everyone. Keep it simple and fun. So let’s look at some cool bachelorette party ideas you can consider while planning a fabulous bachelorette party.

Budgeting it out

A bachelorette party can easily get too expensive and if not managed properly. Why not get a helping hand from all your buddies who want to join the fun at the party?! Ask the invitees to contribute to the party so that it can be made a real fun-filled event for everyone.

Belt it out with the Karaoke Theme

Karaoke theme is kind of perfect for a bachelorette party with lots of fun and excitement for everyone. There will be many hilarious moments to rejoice in and remember. A suitable restaurant, club or bar where Karaoke is available needs to be identified. Despite bad singing, friends can have a great time making the party a smashing hit.

Planning an Event?

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Destination Party

These days, many girls like to plan their bachelorette parties at unique destinations. Away from the usual venues like bars and restaurants, destination bachelorette parties can be organized in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Hawaii, Goa, Thailand, Singapore and more such popular tourist destinations. There is no dearth of options when it comes to looking for suitable hotels offering promising packages for such parties. Closer to home, there are destinations like Chhatarpur, GT Karnal Road, South Delhi, Greater Noida and many other places where there are a lot of farm houses and resorts, perfectly suitable for destination events.

Wellness Theme

Spas are the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful time relaxing and rejuvenating. If one is feeling nervous before the wedding, various treatments available at a high-end spa can help relax. Relaxing with friends can turn out to be a beautiful party. The services available in the spa can be chosen by the guests according to their interests and for a change, they can indulge in health drinks instead of hard drinks. This is no doubt a healthy way of partying. It doesn’t have to go the traditional track always. You can enjoy the occasion in creative ways. Planning a theme party can be a wonderful way to make it fun for everybody. A spa theme is quite popular for such parties.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a bit of pampering before the ordeal of the wedding? The time before a wedding is quite exhausting for any girl and a spa party would certainly help her relax and boost her self-image while having some fun. You can arrange a spa theme party in the comfort of your own house to make it more budget-friendly. Or you can find a nice beach resort as the party venue. You may hire spa-specialists for various spa treatments like manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.

The Shopping Spree Theme

This is another fun theme that any girl will enjoy without exception. Girls love shopping and what better way to celebrate the bachelorette party than indulging in shopping to your heart’s content. For this theme you may hire a limousine or another luxury car to make yourself feel special and call up all your best buddies for a fantastic day out shopping. Don’t forget to stop by a luxury saloon for a makeover. Taking nice pictures in your new look will be a wonderful addition to your Facebook timeline. And when you are done with it, spending the evening at a club will be a fantastic idea to end the day on a more chilled out note.

Amusement Park Party

One can have fun time at an amusement park while enjoying hair raising rides. There are several eat-outs at such parks where one can enjoy some of the favorite dishes and drinks while cracking jokes with the friends and living these precious moments to the fullest.

Killer Dance Moves [For the Couple]

You can enjoy with your soon-to-be-soul-mate by learning some sexy dance moves which will simply take your breath away. This simple enough activity can become a fun filled activity if more people join you. You can learn striptease, pole dancing, belly dancing or salsa along with the friends. It may be funny initially, but, in the end, it is going to be worth the effort when you see your loved one electrifying the dance floor with you.

Chef at Home Theme [For the Couple]

If you are the bride-groom and your would-be-bride is an avid food lover, you can learn a few culinary skills to impress her. She will be simply amazed to see you whipping away complicated dishes without batting an eyelid. Instead of learning usual dishes, you can go for some exotic cuisines and wow her. Taking cooking classes can also help you to spend some quality time with her in the kitchen after getting married. She will not only be impressed but will also love this tender gesture on your part. Who knows, maybe romance may blossom in the kitchen!

It is a day specially celebrated to bid farewell to that dreamy period of life when you were single. Now is the time to get into a more responsible phase of life, the married life. Make it the best day of your singlehood and begin the new journey on the right foot. Wish you a happy journey ahead! 🙂

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