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Tips On Planning Your Parent’s 25th Anniversary

Staying married for 25 long years is not a small achievement in the modern times where long-term commitments are difficult to find. If your parents have made it possible and have been together for this long, you should certainly feel proud to host this milestone party for them. It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate and salute your parents’ love and commitment. Here are some tips on throwing a bash on your parent’s 25th Marriage Anniversary.

How much to spend?

When sentiments are involved, budget takes a back seat. However, giving some thought to it is important to make the party truly enjoyable and satisfying for everyone, including your wallet 😉 The best way to go about deciding on the right budget is to gauge the size of the party. How many attendants you expect? This will be a major factor in deciding on many things, including venue, sitting arrangements, menu, drinks, etc. If your budget permits, there are ways you can make the day grand for your parents by arranging a special performance or inviting a celebrity guest.

Finding the right venue

Again, the choice depends a lot on your budget. If you have the privilege, you can go to some exotic location or a banquet/lawn in a hotel where you can truly have a blast with your parents, family and friends. However, with budget restrictions, it is important to balance things and find the best you can afford. While selecting a venue, make sure that the venue is easy to reach and has all the essential amenities. You may use your own house too if it is spacious enough to entertain the expected guests.

Planning an Event?

Party Decorations

It’s time to be a little creative. You want to make sure that the decorations are good and pleasant. It is important to take your parents’ taste into consideration while choosing the theme for decoration. You may like vibrant contrasts in colors while they might prefer more subdued, gentle tones. They come from a different generation. Respect their preferences and decorate with sober and pleasing color combinations using beautifully colored candles, traditional furniture, lighting, etc. Place a nice picture of the couple in their prime on the wall or table. It will help arose nostalgic feelings in their hearts, or you can arrange for a slide show where pictures and videos showing major milestones in their lives are played.


Have a grand cake ordered for one of the grandest occasions of your dear dad and mom’s lives. Make sure that it’s a flavor they love with an appropriate piped message on the top of the icing. Let the guests eat, drink and dance on the beats of the music of the past decades. Hire a professional band or DJ if you can. A Gazal performance can also be considered. If you have enthusiastic cousins, uncles and aunts, then a musical drama can also be organized to walkthrough the couple’s journey and major milestones in life.

Gift thoughtfully, to make it something that your parents will remember for a long time. A beautiful silver statue is one of the best gifts for the 25th wedding anniversary. You may gift other things like a silver ring, a silver heart-shaped pendant or bracelet, a beautiful silver colored fountain pen, etc.

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