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Planning a House Party? Here are the Top 5 Essentials!

Honestly, who’s a fan of long club queues, unnecessary crowd, and over-priced drinks? There’s nothing that a good house party can’t beat! A party where all your favorite people gather at one place, own the night, celebrate the joy of life and laugh until the sun comes up! Isn’t that the dream?

We at Venuelook totally love house parties and here’s our checklist that we follow for the ultimate house party!

1) Khana Toh Banta Hai!


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What’s a party without some delicious food? It’s practically a must-have! You can keep bowls of Chips, Nuts, Crisps and other nibbles placed around the house for people to munch on! If you are having a smaller get together, you should always have some sort of finger foods. You can have a make your own Pizza Bar or a Taco Bar, the options are endless. You can label food with handy flags for guests with allergies!

2) Turn Up the Music


You’re going to need a good music system that keeps people entertained! People usually like to shake a leg or two at parties, so investing in some great quality speakers is a good decision! You can never go wrong with a fantastic music playlist. Always try to curate a playlist which is enjoyed by majority of your guests.

3) Cheers to that!


This is a necessity! Who wants to go to a house party where there are no drinks, be it Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic? Good Drinks will pump up your guests! Don’t forget to have a variety of options available, even if it’s a BYOB-style party! Make sure you arrange for the right amount of Water, Soda, Red Bull and Lemonade! You can have a Bar Cart, a Drink Station or you can even hire a Bartender to make some mind-blowing Cocktails & Mocktails!


4) Place for the Perfect House Party!


To set the mood right, the perfect place for a house party is quite crucial. A Farmhouse, a Villa, a Penthouse, you can browse through several options to get the right place for your party! VenueLook has farmhouse options exclusively for house parties! You can check them out at VenueLook.com

5) Let the Games Begin!


Planning to create some unforgettable memories for your guests? Bring on the games! Come on, who doesn’t love to play a nice game? To keep the party lively, you should arrange for a couple of games. A Deck of Cards, Beer Pong, Monopoly, Pictionary, Jenga are all you need to create a perfect vibe for your party.

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All said and done, if you are scared with the idea of cleaning or someone complaining about noise, you can always checkout the party venues at VenueLook.com and chill!

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