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How to Find the Best Party Vendor?

These days parties are organized with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. Throwing a party is about leaving an everlasting impression, so doing something that is run of the mill is a strict ‘No’. This is why the party planners are in huge demand and they definitely create a difference.

The success of your event is entirely dependent on the selected party vendor(s) so it is important to do a due diligence when it comes to selecting the right vendor(s) for your party. Finding the right planner for your party is 90% of the job done.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right Party vendor

Here are some important tips you must keep in mind while engaging the right vendor for your party.

Planning an Event?

  1. The first and foremost quality required for a party planner is availability of ideas. A good party planner would be able to offer you great ideas for your party within the available budget.
  2. Should be able to provide strong references for similar work done.
  3. Good Party Planners are generally well connected with dependant services like catering, music and other details with regards to the party and can help in providing end-to-end services at a reasonable cost.
  4. A good party vendor is also well organized and can make the best use of limited time. Sometimes it so happens that you are busy but need to organize a party at a short notice. This is where a good party vendor will come handy and help you organize a party of your choice in the given budget and timeline. Organizing a party on short notice can be a breeze if you get in touch with a good party vendor.
  5. Must be able to highlight potential issues/bottlenecks before hand and also should be able to suggest solutions and give you the confidence that none of those issues would impact your event or party.
  6. Strong communication. Communication is one of the most important quality that you must look out for while choosing the right party planner. Vendors who have trouble understanding you and your requirements are most likely to slip and cause problems for you. When you choose a party vendor, choose one who understands your requirements well and maintains strong communication with the stakeholders.
  7. A Good Party planner should be able to get into minute details with respect to arrangement and planning so as to ensure that there are no hiccups during the party.
  8. Capable of taking full responsibility of his work with strong commitment and is a Single Point of Contact for your event.
  9. Also ensure that your party planner and vendor(s) have not have taken up other assignments on the same day or if at all they have, they can ensure that your event would not be at risk at all.
  10. Should have a strong team that has well experienced professionals in varied areas.
  11. Last but not the least, understand the payment terms clearly and preferably keep some bonus amount for the successful completion of the party as a motivating factor.

Where to Find Party Vendors

  1. Search the Internet. You may find endless sources but look out for websites that have real user feedback. The good web sites have strong rating mechanism to help user identify the best of the lot. Do your homework thoroughly before short listing vendors from internet.
  2. Ask trusted friends and industry colleagues for recommendations.
  3. Contact a professional association affiliated with the industry in which you need to find a vendor.
  4. Scan trade/industry publications for potential resources.
  5. Keep an eye out for good vendors when you attend parties and business events.
  6. Ask contacts at your meeting location for a list of approved vendors.
  7. Check out local Convention, party halls, Banquet halls and Visitors Bureau in your destination city.
  8. Check out from good hotels in your locality. All good party vendors generally plan events in these hotels.

We wish you find the best-suited party vendor to organize a wonderful, stress-free party for you and your dear ones!

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