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How To Decide Upon a Venue for a Grand Wedding?

The moment you are engaged, the first thing that comes in mind is wedding planning!! And, the first and the most important step or decision in the wedding to-do list is to choose the perfect wedding venue that beautifully sets the tone for your special day. Apart from aesthetics, there are several other aspects to be considered before you begin taking tours. Well, if you are planning your wedding, you’ll know how important it is to secure the right wedding venue for your special day. We are here to help you make the perfect wedding venue choice. Here in this post, we are sharing with you some expert insights, just to help to guide you into the process of finding your dream wedding venue.

Here we go…

Visualization of Event/Ceremony at the Wedding Venue

Planning an Event?

Hosting a wedding is a matter of pride for a Bride’s family. They cherish this moment since their daughter is born. There are a lot of dreams, aspirations and pride associated with it. Also, the Bride’s family has a dual responsibility of hosting their own guests and making sure that the guests from the Groom’s family are well attended too. Thus, the venue should be decided in a way that matches with the aspirations and ideas of the hosts for a wedding ceremony of their dreams.

Depending upon the theme and type of ceremony the venue may vary from a sober residential space to a grand five-star hotel, a lush green farm-house to a magnificent club, a historical palace to a holy and religious site.

Ensure there’s Ample Space at Wedding Venue

While looking for a venue, one needs to ensure that it should be a combination of the following: (i) an air-conditioned hall with ample space for a stage, sitting, DJ & dance floor, (ii) a green lawn which can host food and gives ample elbow space to all the guests and (iii) a waterfront, probably, a pool wherein you can host your guests for drinks and some fun.

While you go and visit the site, make sure you get a venue which has all the above mentioned, adjacent to each other and well connected with adequate space. Before making a decision do look for a live wedding or photographs of the previous events organized there.

Think About Spaces within Spaces

When you visit the venue just assume that you are one of the invited guests and visualise how you would be fitting into the space provided. Where would you like to sit and chat; where would be an ideal place to drink; where would the DJ make the maximum impression; where would it be most comfortable to set up the dance floor; and the most important of all, how would you mark the entrance and welcome the guests coming in the ‘baraat’. These questions would help you in finalising the correct wedding venue.

Venue Location & Interiors

While deciding upon the venue you must keep in mind the location, the approach-ability for all your guests, availability of means of transportation and the surrounding environment. You should prefer the venue to be at a location which is in a green belt and connected via a road-rail network so as to ensure that approaching to the venue remains easy and feasible for most of the guests. You should also ensure that the property interiors must have good landscaping with the walls and ceilings well decorated. All these factors chiefly contribute to the grandeur of your wedding venue.

Lighting at the Wedding Venue

Lighting plays an important part in setting up any event. You need to make sure that the lighting arrangements are adequate and as per the requirements. For an evening wedding, you must make sure that you have a different set of lighting for decoration at the entrance, pool, wedding stage, food area, halls and the dance floor. The wedding area, where the celebrations would take place should be lit in a traditional style. You should make a visit to the venue at the time the wedding celebration is supposed to take place, to gain an exact sense of lighting at the venue.

Parking at the Wedding Venue

One should also ensure that our guests enter the venue as early as possible on reaching the venue. The venue must have its own parking area adequate enough for the expected number of vehicles and a parking team to guide and manage the arriving vehicles. An arrangement can also be made for valet parking wherein the guests may come and handover their vehicles to the valet team.

Basic Amenities at the Wedding Venue

The venue chosen must have ample amenities for the vendors as well as the guests. This includes the number of electrical sockets and switches, kitchen space, availability of water and other similar basic facilities. Any makeshift arrangements made for kitchen or lighting spoils the entire experience.

Seeking the services of Services of expert Venue Providers and Event Planners could make the above tedious tasks easy by cutting down unnecessary costs, time and risks of erroneous decisions made, thereby, assuring you of the success of one of the most significant events of your or your loved ones’ life.

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