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How To Welcome Ganesha In Your Home

As today we are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and this is the most auspicious time to invite Lord Ganesha. So, with all the good intentions and devotion we welcome Ganesh Ji into our home. Ganesha is the most loved God among Hindus and he is also known to bring a unique sense of joy with him. Ganesha is also known as Ganpati Bappa as believers love to call him by this name. So, as you are welcoming him this year here are some ways to enhance the good vibes the sacred idol can deliver to your abode.

One idol is enough 

As everyone has their holy altar at their home always remember to keep only one idol of Ganesha. As if you are keeping two or more than that Ganesha idol counteracts their energy. Only one idol can be more effective. 

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 Direction to place Ganesha’s idol 

 The best direction to place Ganesha’s idol at home is in the east or west direction of the house. Most preferred place is the Northeast corner of the house as it is the best location to place Ganesha’s idol as north is the abode of Lord Shiva, father of Ganesha. But at the time of offering prayers, your face should be towards the east – as it is the vastu preferred location. It is also said that Ganesha’s idol should never be placed in the south direction and also one should be ensured that the idol is nowhere placed near a washroom or a wall that is attached to a bathroom. 

 Minute details 

 One should also be careful of these minute details that should be taken care of as:

The Ganesha’s idol should be in a sitting position with his trunk tilted towards his left hand as it represents success and happiness.

2 The second thing which comes in the list is whenever you are placing Ganesha’s idol always remember that mushak (mouse) and modak (favourite sweet of Ganesha) should be a part of the statue. As this is auspicious and integral to his purpose.


 It is advisable to place the Ganesha’s idol on a raised platform and in offering one should keep Ganesha’s favourite food as a small rice bowl and modak as it can be a great offering.      


The most important thing that should be looked upon is remember the deep meaning behind Ganesha every time you see his image or idol! He is meant to show us the pathway to inner peace, happiness and success in life.

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