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Ideas That Prove That Roses Are The Best Wedding Prop

Today, brides and grooms are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding decorations. It’s not just traditionally used flowers, but even exotic flowers from faraway destinations are flown in to make an enchanting wedding day venue that not just looks stunning but smells divine! From the traditional jasmines and marigolds to the more exotic orchids and lilies, hydrangeas and peonies, there is no limit to what kind of flowers you can use for your wedding as anything is possible and anything can be sourced from anywhere if you have the resources.

The perfect flower for weddings

But when you consider which would be the perfect flower for a wedding prop, the first one that comes to mind would of course be the flower that has been synonymous with love for ages, all around the world-the rose! The rose is the one flower that has been a symbol of love for lovers all over the world, since time immemorial. It has been sung about, poems have been written about it, stories have been woven around it, and it features in fairytale after fairy tale. So wouldn’t it be just right if the rose was the chosen flower for wedding decorations? Which other flower embodies love as much as a rose does?
rose decoration ideas

Why roses are perfect

If you have decided to have a rose-themed wedding party, then you could have roses adorn everything from your wedding invites to your wedding venue! Not do they smell wonderful, they are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes that make them look prettier than any other flower. There are more than 3000 commercial varieties of roses, so your imagination is the only limit to the kinds of decorations you could envision for your wedding with roses. They are now available as solid colours, tipped and striped. Some of the different kinds of roses that you could use for your wedding props are hybrid tea roses, garden roses, and spray roses.

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Ideas to use roses as a wedding prop

  • In your wedding invitation, either as real flower (if it will reach the same day) or as artificial roses.
  • rose invitation

  • Hair accessories: Use roses to deck up your hair as a bride and also have your bridesmaids with roses in their hair as they walk down the aisle.
  • hairstyle with rose

  • Table decor: Roses can be tied to the back of chairs, used for table placements, used around candlesticks, and as the centre of attraction with a wonderful flower arrangement on each table.
  • table decoration with rose

  • Roses as a chandelier, above the bride and groom, as they get married or during the reception as they receive guests. These chandeliers will be a wonderful and stylish point of attraction for everyone as well as smell divine!
  • rose chandeliers

  • Roses strewn in a stylish pattern on the wedding aisle will be great welcome for both the bride and guests.
  • rose decoration aisle

  • Roses as a stage backdrop will of course be a stunning background for a great romance!
  • rose backdrops

  • Roses will forever be a symbol of everlasting love so it is only befitting that roses are the theme of your wedding day!

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