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Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

It is everyone’s wish that they want to gift their friends or family members who are getting married with really wonderful gifts that will reflect the love and affection that they feel. However, if you have many weddings in a season, or you have to juggle finances due to other commitments, then buying a wedding gift that is affordable is absolutely essential.


Getting affordable wedding gifts can be challenging at times, given the prices of things going up in the present economy. There is also this misconception that ‘affordable’ means ‘cheap’ and that it will reflect badly on you and your relationship with the soon to be wedded couple! That need not be the case as you can get a whole variety of affordable wedding gifts that will also be appreciated by the couple and also reflect well on your relationship with them. So here are the best ideas for affordable wedding gifts.

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Affordable wedding gifts

1. Silver coins with religious figurines etched on them: This make for a good gift because they are used in many religious rituals. Silver is also considered very auspicious.
coins wedding gift
2. Crockery: This is always helpful for a newly wedded couple who is setting up their household for the first time. You are bound to get good deals online as well as discounts during festive seasons, so it is a good time to buy these in a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
crockery gift ideas
3. Decorative items: Anything from ornate mirrors to bright lanterns or a Buddha statue or an essential oil dispenser would be a great gift without being expensive also. Even a Himalayan salt lamp would be a great gift, one that looks good and also keeps the atmosphere clean and healthy for the newly wedded couple.
decorator gift ideas
4. Electronic items or kitchen appliances: These are always useful for a newly wedded couple. Anything from a toaster or a sandwich grill or a microwave oven in kitchen appliances are examples of useful gifts that are not very expensive either. In other electronic items, a digital photo frame that lets them see the wonderful wedding moments any time they wish will be a gift that is much appreciated.
electronic gift ideas
5. Home furnishings: This also would be much appreciated, ranging from bedding to attractive cushion covers and table cloths.
home furnishing wedding gift
6. If you’ve know the couple for some time and they have been together a while before getting married, you could create an attractive photo collage of all their best pictures, frame it beautifully, and gift it to them. This would be a wonderful gift that is also affordable. The same could be done for coffee mugs, fridge magnets, T-shirts, etc., that can all be personalised with photos of the couple. This is a gift that is casual yet full of love.
photo frames

Choosing the right gift for a newly married couple (or going to be married couple) is always about balancing their likes with your budget, so with this list, you have some great ideas to start shopping around with!

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