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Finding Dory Theme Birthday Party Ideas

First it was Finding Nemo and now it’s Finding Dory! Ever since the movie hit the theatres, children the world over have been obsessed with the lovable and charming little fish that is Dory. She is almost on par with Nemo in popularity with kids (and with a lot of grownups too!). A movie that celebrated the bond between children and parents, as much as it did between friends, a Finding Dory theme seems to be the perfect theme for a birthday party, no matter what the age may be. It is a theme that resonates with both kids and adults alike. So let’s see how you can successfully apply the Finding Dory theme to a birthday party.
finding dory

The General Theme

The general theme of the party will, of course, be an ocean-based one. So keep the colour palette in different shades of blue, whether it is the balloons or the party invites or the cake toppers or sprinklers. You could also scour the internet for free printable that give you a quote from the movie, which you could print out and frame for just the party. One of Dory’s favourite lines, which children like to keep repeating is, ‘Keep Swimming’. So you could have this at the entrance to the party venue, which will definitely have kids squealing with delight. You could also have the ‘Keep Swimming’ words printed on cupcake or muffin liners or cups in order to have a continuity with the rest of the party decorations.
Finding Dory Birthday Theme Decoration

Food and Beverages

For cakes, muffins, and cupcakes, it is easy to find or make toppers that are of Dory or the octopus, Hank. You could find them in different sizes, even as sprinkles to have on top of the cream cakes or muffins or cupcakes. Also, you could make or buy cupcakes or pretzels which are iced over with ocean blue colour icing and topped with Dory-shaped sprinkles. Of course, the cake has to be Dory-themed, not forgetting her dear friends Nemo and Marlin (clownfish), Hank (the octopus), Destiny (whale shark), Bailey (beluga whale), and the sea lions (Rudder and Fluke). These characters add an extra depth to the party. So instead of having it only as Dory, get these characters too into the action with toppers and sprinkles and cut-outs and candies. You could easily decorate your beverage dispenser as Dory or any one of these animals. Don’t forget to make the drinks blue as much as possible!
finding dory food and beverages

Planning an Event?


Kids will love activities that are inspired by Dory. You could find truckloads of activity sheets to print off of the internet, which can be used for colouring, for connecting the dots, for finding the way in a maze, etc. You could also devise a treasure hunt, hiding a toy Dory, and leaving clues for the kids in chits of paper to find her, which will definitely be a delightful experience for them.
Finding Dory Games

Party Favours

Every kid anticipates party favours days in ahead. For this, you could get a pack of ocean animals and hide a Dory toy inside, with the instruction to ‘Find Dory’ and you have your party complete!
Finding Dory Party Favours

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