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Make Your Skin Holi Ready!!

Holi is just around the corner and as it is one of the much-awaited fun festivals to celebrate, but it can take a toll on your skin and your hair courtesy the harsh chemicals in colours.

While the unique colour play is the main highlight of the festival getting Holi colours stuck to your skin and hair is not the best idea for sure.

Now, you must be thinking to opt for organic colours but let us inform that you still need to protect your skin, so that the colours come off easily and staying for long hours in the sun don’t harm you.

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We believe that everyone must be waiting eagerly for the festival of colours and yet must also be worried about their skin.

No worries, we are here to help you with the best tips to protect your skin and hair this Holi, from all that colour splashes that will leave your skin and hair dull and damaged.

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Check out the tips below and share with your loved ones to keep their skin safe on Holi!

Moisturize Your Skin before playing Holi

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Remember the first thing before you step out to play Holi is to apply some moisturiser on your body, better to opt for some castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, sunscreen or even coconut oil will help. Give your body a good massage so that the moisturiser is soaked on your skin properly. This layer of moisturiser will help you in getting rid of the stubborn Holi colours. 

Protect Your Nails from Holi Colours

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While you are busy making your skin ready for the Holi do not forget to pay attention to your nails as well. Nails are the first place where colours can settle and even enter your digestive system when you eat with your hand. So, be aware and save your nail enamel from any kind of harm by keeping them short try painting them with dark nail polish. Avoid getting any types of extensions anytime before or near holi as you will end up wasting money as the Holi colours will ruin them. If you do not want to paint your nails opt for rubbing olive oil on your nails before touching colours as this will not let them stain easily and will act as a shield. 

Keep Most of your Body Covered while playing Holi

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We all are aware that Holi is mostly an outdoor activity, so make sure you cover yourself properly. We would recommend going for full-sleeves kurtas or tops, full-length joggers or trousers, salwars as it will help not only help you to protect your skin from the damage of colours but will also protect from sun rays. Cotton is the most preferred fabric, as it is breathable whereas synthetic can lead to rashes. Also, be sure that you wear something of dark colour, as it will not let the colour reach your skin when mixed with water.

Keep Yourself Hydrated during Holi

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Be sure to keep yourself well hydrated. Try to keep drinking juice, water, glucose, or any other form of liquid that you prefer. Dehydrated skin can get easily harmed by the colour and get sunburnt. Also, if you are planning to consume alcohol try to take maximum intake of water as drinking too much can show up on your face in the form of dullness. 

Try Wearing Sunglasses to Protect your Eyes from Holi Colours

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Your eyes are a crucial part of your body hence do not forget to keep them protected. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses as it will avoid contact with colours. Also, avoid wearing contact lenses as it absorbs colours which can irritate the eyes.

Oil your Hair before stepping out for Holi

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No matter whether you are playing Holi with the wet or dry colours both can lead to damage your hair by making them dry and frizzy. Remember to oil your hair properly from roots and try keeping them in braids or bun to avoid damage and breakage. 

Wishing you a very Happy and Safe Holi!

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Holi – a festival of colors

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