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Which colour are you this Holi?

Holi is the festival of colors. An ancient Hindu religion, the festival is celebrating victory over evil. Typically the festival is celebrated with colors and lots of pomp and show, fun and frolic. While earlier chemically prepared hues and dyes were commonly used, and people applied the same on each other, in recent times the use of natural and home-made colors is what is used more often.

Red, white, black, blue, purple, green and yellow are colors most frequently used.


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Which of these colors symbolize you? Let’s see in detail what each of these colors signifies –

color signifies romance and positive energies. It also stands for leadership qualities. A person who is identified with the red color is a strong and determined person, confident and extrovert. On the negative side, these people are prone to get angry faster than others and are more aggressive than them.


WHITE is typically the color of the Dove. It symbolizes peace, innocence and pure thoughts. People who are identified with the white color are ones who are honest and have a calm predisposition. White stands for everything that is positive and tranquil.


BLACK typically stands for negativity- evil, dark, fear, aggressive, vice and malevolence. But if this is the color that you love for your Holi celebrations, it means positively that you are an authoritarian who loves to dominate and reveal his strength to the world. Black also symbolizes elegance and sophistication which means that you are smart, love being stylish and have the grace that everybody else could be envious of.

BLUE is the color of the sea, the ocean, the waters, and the sky. If blue is your color, it means you are honest and truthful. It also means that you are trustworthy and dependable. You also are someone who is a public speaker and a great communicator with a hint of spiritualism to your inner self. Plus you love to help others through their difficult times even if that means that you stretch yourself beyond limits.

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PURPLE stands for royalty and nobility. If you adore this color, you love everything that is grandeur and aristocracy. You are graceful, conduct yourself with immense dignity, are a peaceful person and is also a peace-maker. You are an independent person who also has a love for that are things magical and mysterious.


GREEN is the color of nature. If this color is what signifies you, then you love nature truly which in other words also mean that you instill hope and optimism in others. You are a good-natured person, and you are a perfect observer, a kind-hearted person who loves to do charity and help others. On the negative side, you may tend to become the green-eyed monster at times.


YELLOW stands for the sun and sunshine. One of the brightest colors in the rainbow people who love yellow are very positive in their outlook. You are optimistic, sharp, intelligent, practical and crowd-pullers. You love to use your mental strengths to solve riddles and challenges, analyze things practically.


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