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Must Have Bride Poses in D-Day Albums

Every girl dreams of having a fairy tale wedding. When you read about your favorite actress tying the knot, instantaneously, you also get thoughts pertaining to your marriage one day. Right from the jewellery to make-up, your wedding trousseau and the wedding venue, everything flashes in your mind. Apart from the style statement, you also decide on the poses that you would be striking in front of the camera on your d-day. And bridal poses, in today’s time and age, is no longer confined to that repressed smiling, acting bashful, and eyes down kind of thing. It’s about being unique, it’s about attempting at something bold yet classy, it’s about unleashing the mischievous side of yours. To aid with this, we have compiled several solo bridal poses. Take a look.

The Spinning Pose

bridal poses
For photography, this is one of the most spellbinding bridal poses. Get into that ravishing lehenga, stretch out your hands, flash your winsome smile, and let the photographer capture the vivacious you and of course your ravishing wedding attire.

Playing with Jewellery

bridal poses
This is yet another one of the most popular bridal poses. Whether you strike a pose adjusting your nath or earrings, there is something so very feminine and unostentatious in this pose.

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The Turnaround

bridal poses
You might have seen many film stars, even your friends striking this ‘oh-so-popular’ turnaround pose flaunting their bare back and craved in your heart of hearts to do the same. And the day has finally arrived to fulfill the long-cherished desire of yours. Slightly walk away from the camera, turn around, and let the photographer capture your stunning side profile! Make sure that you are wearing backless for this posing style.

Be Seated, You Pretty Gal!

bridal makeup
Even though this bridal pose might seem too cliché, but if executed properly, this picture can end up being regal and majestic! Sit with your spine straight, flare your lehenga, and look right into the camera.

The Royal Princess

bridal poses
Even the most common poses, sometimes, can produce images as magnificent as this one. From the bride’s jewellery to the pose, and the lighting, everything enhances the beauty of the picture so well!

Pose with a Swag

bridal poses
Of course the thought of venturing into a new life is giving you nervous jitters, but girl, this is also going to be the most special day of your life! And the poses in your wedding album would make you reminisce of all the incidents associated with your bridal photoshoot. So, take a deep breath and let go of all your inhibitions and worries. Pose with a swag by opting for a quirky combination such as a jacket and lehenga. To take the swag factor a notch higher, team it with a pair of sneakers and sunglasses.

Pet Love

bridal poses
Make your pet/pets a part of the bridal photoshoot. You really have no idea how stunning the pictures can turn out to be with such loyal companions by your side.

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