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Must-know ‘Make Up Tips’ for Summer Weddings in India!

Every bride wants to look her utmost best on her most-special day, for which she starts making rigorous preparations long before the wedding-date. Bridal make up in this regard, is the most crucial thing that has to be planned with meticulous details, way in advance. Moreover, a mere preparation doesn’t suffice, in order to ensure that the make-up comes out to be nothing-less-than perfect, one must take a dry run before the final day arrives.

There’s no denying the fact that a skilled and experienced professional can give you that perfect appearance you have envisioned for your wedding-day. However, it always helps to know a few quick tips for your personal knowledge and insight, so you know what exactly to ask for. Furthermore, for those who like the DIY-way, this lowdown can be your great guide. Make sure your make-up products are high-quality and water-proof for a long-lasting effect.
Here are the best tips you could use, if yours will be a summer wedding in India:

1. The Corrector-and-Concealer

Getting married in summer is unfortunately, not conducive to make-up sustainability; you’d benefit greatly from applying a sufficient amount of sunscreen moisturizer, as this will shield your skin against the damaging effects of the season. Next, apply some corrector and concealer wherever you have marks and spots, blend them well into the skin, this will conceal them all nicely.

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2. The Foundation-Finish

Different skin textures and tones need it differently. Water-based foundations are your best bet if you want a beautiful make-up that lasts throughout your function successfully, irrespective of the weather-condition at the time. After giving your face a proper base of a branded, water-based foundation, blended well, hiding all blemishes, you’re all set for the following layer of make-up.

3. The Contour-Stick

A slash of the contour-stick above the eyebrows, around cheekbones and nose-bone helps in augmenting your natural contours to make your face look more attractive than ever before. After rubbing it nicely into the areas, put another layer of foundation to even it out seamlessly.

4. The Glorifying Blusher

Once the base is done sufficiently well, the next thing required, is the blusher; of course, the right type and in the right amount. Depending upon your natural skin tone and the colour of your bridal-attire, you should choose from the premier, pink, bronze and gold. This enhances the beauty of your features and, glorifies your face even more.

5. The Stunning Eye Make-Up

After your countenance and features have been taken care of, your eyes need a good amount of attention. Bride’s eyes are one of the most-noticed things at her wedding, so you need to ensure that yours look perfectly gorgeous at your function. For daytime, you should use less of eyeliner and mascara and, more of kohl (kajal) to augment the charm of your beautiful eyes. In case it’s a night function, you can put kohl heavily and highlight it with eyeliner and water-proof mascara. Also, you can choose either matching or contrasting eye shadows from your palette, to have an enhanced look. Add some glitter around the eyelids too to make your eyes absolutely mesmerizing. Don’t forget to darken and shape your eyebrows too.

6. For Lovely Lips

Eventually, what gives the final finish to your make-up is doing up your lips in a way that makes them look shapely and beautiful. For daytime event, it’s advisable to use lighter lip-colours like- pink, orange, peach and nude-shades. For the evening, you can use dark lip-shades such as, scarlet/deep red etc. Apply the colour you pick in a proper way, covering your lips fully, you can also use an outliner. A little lip-gloss will give additional lustre to your lips, and you’re all set!

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