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Make Your Pool Party The Ultimate Summer Destination!

It is never a bad idea to throw a pool party, especially in summers when the heat is too much to bear. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore or Jaipur, the summer days are unbearable for everybody everywhere. Just throwing a pool party and planning it to be the perfect one are two different things. Here is a guide for you to be the best pool party host ever!

1. The Invitation

The invite should look attractive and subtle at the same time. It can be vibrant if you are planning pool party for kids. It can be subtly colorful if not for kids. You can find loads of DIY ideas online and be the party rockstar you are cut-out to be.

2. Pool Party Decorations

The first thing your guests will notice when they arrive for your party is the ambience of the designated space. Yes, we mean the layout and the decorations. Since it is a pool party that you are throwing, the theme and decorations should be bright and summery and should scream F.U.N.! Floating décors and balloons are one way to go. If your pool party is at night then please do consider investing in amazing ways of lighting up the space.

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3. Food and Snacks

And drinks of course! Keep the food cool and light. You can go with local delicacies and finger foods like mini fried idlis, french fries, cheese balls, sand witches, cold yummy salads, fruit salads, garlic bread sticks etc. The drinks of course should be refreshing in summers. Keep the preference of your guests in mind while choosing the drinks for the party. Some good options are juices, mocktails, fruit punch, lemonade, chilled beer. You can also keep ice popsicles for kids. One must-have, favorite-of-all are cupcakes. You can have cupcakes designed like beaches, and cupcakes with bright colors and decorations.

4. Party Games

To make your party exciting, you can organize some pool games for your party-folks. For example, pool dodge-ball is an amazing, light and fun game for such parties. There are tons of game ideas for kids and adults on the internet which you can easily find. Some very popular games are marco-polo, splash dancing, treasure hunt, water tag, etc.

5. Party give-away goodies

You can hand-in the goodies basket when your guests arrive or you can hand them over when they leave. The arrival goodies can be filled with things that they can use for the party, this is especially good for kids, to keep them busy. For adults you can have some goodies ready for the go and give them when they leave, scented candles, etc. are some of the options.

6. Shop for your Pool Party

Make a list and shop well in advance to avoid any last-minute stress. Here are some ideas –

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