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Cocktail Ideas for Dinner Parties

Hosting a fabulous dinner party is a great way to mingle with people in a fun informal atmosphere. And when you mix and match it with the frolicking cocktail combinations, they make for the most enjoyable parties.

Serving cocktails at the start of a dinner party is quite a popular way to get the party rolling smoothly right from the beginning. A cocktail is a special mixed drink prepared by mixing certain ingredients like fruit juices,cold drinks etc. with liquors or spirits. This enhances the deliciousness of the alcoholic drinks and makes them a great party drink.


A cocktail prepared by mixing gin and vermouth and garnished with a twist of lemon or olive, the importance of this classic cocktail drink cannot be stressed enough. It is one of the most popular of the cocktail choices for a dinner party. The recipe for a Martini is simple and flexible and can be adapted according to a person’s taste and preferences. A Martini is a cocktail combination that goes along well with any meal. However, many find it to be a great choice before a vegetarian meal.
For recipe of Martini click here: Martini

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One of the most popular and oldest of cocktails, Manhattan is a great drink to serve before a dinner party. Made of sweet vermouth, bitters and commonly mixed with various types of whisky, it combines perfectly with any gourmet food and certainly is a great choice to add that special vintage charm to your meals. It is fashionable to serve it on the rocks in lowball glasses.
For recipe of Manhattan click here: Manhattan


Another one of the popular cocktail varieties, Sidecar has been a traditional favorite for ages. Coming straight from the city of love, it’s a fine blend of Cognac or Armagnac with orange liqueur and lemon juice. The ratio of sweet and sour should be balanced carefully. Preparing it with the Spanish brandy de Jerez instead of Cognac will make a sweeter cocktail if you prefer it that way.
For recipe of Sidecar click here: Sidecar

The French Cosmo

This delicious cocktail too originated in Paris and is popular world-wide as one of the best cocktail drinks to be served at a dinner party. Made by blending pineapple juice with vodka and garnished with a pineapple slice or leaf, French Cosmopolitan is known for its rich flavor. Serve it in a stemmed glass with ice.
For recipe of The French Cosmo click here: The French Cosmo
The French Cosmo

Rob Roy

As an alternative to the Martini, this cocktail is a favorite among people who prefer scotch for their cocktail drink. It is also names as Scotch Manhattan. If you are throwing the dinner party in the cold winter season, Rob Roy will be a great cocktail drink to keep the guests warm while you are preparing for the meal.
For recipe of Rob Roy click here: Rob Roy

These are few of the popular cocktails to be served for a dinner party which always seem to be in fashion. Make sure to offer them before the main course of your dinner in dainty cocktail glasses garnishing with olives, lemon slices, cherries, mint leaves, etc. and they will make your party a rocking one.

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