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Some Cool Catering Ideas for Summer Weddings!

People make so many extensive preparations for their wedding functions. Right from the fine decoration, to sprawling seating arrangement and amusing music, everything is planned and executed rigorously in order to make it a perfectly-organised event. But the fact remains, that it’s the food that’s noticed and admired the most by the numerous guests who attend your function. Frankly, if you consider the viewpoint of just any outsider guest, you’d know that this is the only thing they’re bothered about, neither the decoration, nor the attire and makeup people are decked up with – they’re all extra fringes for guests generally. The advantage with the wedding parties that occur during summer is that one can tuck in heartily.
It’s definitely the menu that matters the most. However, the presentation and layout of the same is as important as its quality, variety and taste. So, while planning the catering department/aspect of your wedding, these are some wonderful ideas you should keep in mind and pass on to your caterer:

1.The Splendid Starters

Refreshments or starters are to welcome your guests to the eating area and get them started with light, savory snacks to gorge on, like: gol-gappe, samosa, dhokla, paav-bhaaji, pepper-mushroom soup, drumstick soup, paneer/chicken-tikka, aaloo-gobhipakodas, veg/chicken noodles, idli-dosa, rasam etc.You can have your caterers present them all on decent and attractive-looking kiosks, miniature transport such as cars, trucks (on the buffet-table) etc. and charming platters. This would surely amaze your guests.
TheSplendid Starters

2.The Beloved Beverages

Your guests would love to be served with some wonderful beverages of all varieties, hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic such as: tea, coffee, neembu-paani, soft drinks, wine, vodka, champagne, mocktails, fruit-juices etc. They’d love it even more if these drinks are handed to them in classy glasses, shots etc. and fancy bottles. They can admire the presentation, while sipping on their favorite drink.
The Beloved Beverages

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3.The Marvellous Meal

The main meal is always important, hence, should be served with meticulous care and detail, so as to delight all guests while they binge on what they like.Palatable cuisines like,Veg/chicken biryani, Dal-makhani, Seekh-Kabaabs, Mutton Rogan Josh, Tandoori-gobhi, Shahi-paneer, Mushroom-mattar, Malai-kofta, Butter-naan, Stuffed-naan, Rumaali roti, Pulaav,and more, can be served with tasty masala-salad, beautifully preserved under glass-cover warmers; placed in sophisticated style on the buffet, and adorned tastefully for guests on fancy plates along with upmarket cutlery, giving them a five star restaurant-like feel.
The Marvelous Meal

4.The Delightful Desserts

Desserts are the most-loved part of the menu for kids and all those who have a sweet-tooth. And if they’re brought up on the platter attractively, they become even more mouth-watering. You can instruct your caterers well in advance, to utilize the various ideas of dishing up all desserts splendidly for your guests, right from creating towers and pyramids of several sweets, to multi-storeyed plates and cute cups of ice creams, candies, cakes/pastries, barfis, laddoos; also attractive packs of chocolate coins and animal-shaped chocolates for kids. The special wedding cake can be made with creams, flavours and colours matching the colour-scheme of the decoration.Indian-origin sweet dishes like Kheer, gulaab-jaamun, moong-dal halwa, gaajar-halwa, rabri-jalebi, shaahi-tukda, ras-malai etc., can be served in beautifully-crafted, dessert-special bowls and glasses to charm your guests.
The Delighting Desserts

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