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Latest Rangoli or Kolam Designs

We all know Rangoli is very important in some places for some auspicious occasions or a festival, as people believe that it is a way to welcome the gods. It is a lovely form of art in which different designs and patterns are made on the floor with the help of colors, flower petals, salt, etc. If you visit South India you can commonly see rangoli patterns out of the houses rangoli is popularly known as Kolam in South India. People use different colors to make beautiful designs of kolam. It is not just an art but a traditional way of welcoming good luck and its prominence that has been witnessed over the years. People spend hours to make attractive and interesting designs even competitions are held to encourage old and young artists. To give ideas and encourage such people, here we have some best designs that you can design in front of your houses.

Floral Designs 

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Floral designs are traditional, simple, and at times, a little complex. Yet, they are very attractive as there are so many flowers to make designs of. There are simple designs for boots and tough designs for experts in flowers. You can even use petals instead of colors to make your kolam more artistic and adorable. No, doubts that floral design is a perfect blend of art and tradition.

Dotted Designs 

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Next comes the dotted Kolam rangoli design that is very simple to make but requires a lot of patience as you need to make them in a single and straight line. One needs to be very attentive while making the curves as they should be equally distanced so dots can be placed easily. People mostly prefer using only white color or rice flour to make this design as it is eco-friendly and can become food for the insects. It is also believed that this dotted design denotes the old tradition of South India where people avoid making images of living things. 

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Kalash Designs 

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We all are aware of what is Kalash as our next design is referred to as the same. Kalash kolam designs are particularly made on a specific festival as they are considered auspicious. These designs denote joy and happiness that the festival symbolizes. It is also made on Basant Panchmi when farmers welcome new crops, and it is ready to be harvested. People make designs of Kalash, palm trees, and other patterns before Pooja.

Simple Design 

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Here is the most simple and elegant design of rangoli that is most preferred to be made in the Pooja rooms. If you are looking for an easy rangoli design, then this the perfect one for you as this can be easily made by connecting dots as this is a freehand rangoli design that needs next to no effort.

Butterfly Design 

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Butterflies in kolam sound nice it is not as difficult as it looks like as you can easily draw them by combining dots. You can even make beautiful green butterflies towards the end of the kolam and an abstract star in the center. Try using bright colors as it will add more beauty to it.

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